Custom Hire Exhibition Stands - Just Buy Graphics!


"Our free hire plan is the most cost effective exhibition stand rental scheme on the market.

You pay for your graphics only and we loan you the stand hardware FREE of charge as long as you are using our install and dismantle service. This is regardless of how big or small your stand is and the best bit; there are no on going commitments, so be it a one off or your next 20 shows ask us about our rental plan and how you can benefit. We will also store your stand graphics between shows at no cost.

Our project management team love our free hire service as it enables them to take care of absolutely everything for you, from the design, installation, dismantle right down to the really annoying time consuming things like health and safety risk assessments, work method statements - we take care of it all. You don't have to do a thing apart from turn up ready to exhibit!

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So what are the benefits of the Plus Exhibition free hire plan? 

  • You only pay for your graphics. The cost saving from this can be anywhere from 15% for smaller stands up to 40-50% on larger stands. 
  • Total project management, right down to organising your furniture, flooring, electricity, heath and safety declarations, risk assessments etc. the list goes on! 
  • You can use the service as and when you choose and are not contractually tied to any plan or monthly payment! If you want to just use the stand once, that is no problem and we will still store it for you just incase 3 years down the line you want to reuse it! 
  • We will deliver, install, dismantle and store your stand for you, you don’t have to lift a finger (apart from the one to give us a call on 01782 264110 to discuss your needs today).
  • Whether you are attending an exhibition with a stand of 3m x 2m or an exhibition with a 10m x 8m stand, the only impact size has on the cost of your stand is the cost of your graphics. The main expense of all the hardware does not apply, as our free hire plan allows you to use as much or as little as you want for absolutely nothing! Making this the perfect solution if your stand size often changes. 
  • No storage costs - we will store your graphics between exhibitions at our expense, not yours. 
  • Huge savings!
  • Our free hire plan is environmentally friendly, by using one of our free hire plan stands you do not have to purchase over and over which saves a huge amount of aluminium and plastic. You also reduce transport emissions via cutting out couriers. Your stand goes direct to the event and straight back, not all over the country between depots.

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It usually takes us around 3 - 5 working days to produce your custom 3D exhibition stand design and visuals. Due to our in house style of business where we take care of absolutely everything under one roof, we can speed this process up if needs be. We can even create some exhibition stands in as little as one working week. This depends of the size and complexity of your exhibition stand design. 

We will then send you a link to your exhibition stand design online and also email over your very own quote detailing every single aspect of your stand. 

​Need some design inspiration? 

​Click here to go to our design ideas page and look through some of our past designs! 

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