The Plusgroup incorporating plus-exhibitionstands , design, build and manufacture over 300 exhibition stands each year, growing annually by an average of 28%. These are installed mainly throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, however we have been known to travel to Canada, Dubai, Singapore to name a few other venues. This makes us a true global player in the exhibition stand manufacturers arena.

Expanding Exhibition Stand Manufacturers facilities

The Plusgroup are exhibition stand builders and exhibition stand manufacturers. Our talented, experienced exhibit designers take their job very seriously but know they need to have fun and brainstorm to come up with the best designs. Oh and when it comes to designing stands they’re very good at it!

Because we are extremely good at guiding you through making a design brief the design process is painless and relatively quick. Good communication keeps you well informed while we tweak the visuals as many times as you like to get the design and look you want for your exhibition stand.

When you are satisfied and decide to place the order the production process begins. This is a highly systemised process to ensure your baby is perfectly manufactured.

Exhibition stand manufacturing is a complicated highly skilled process and we have developed, during our 38 years in business, very tight controls to ensure your exhibition stand is produced to the highest standards and precisely how your approved visual looks.

As your exhibition stand progresses you have a single contact your "Project Manager" and he or she will keep you up to date and ensure all the quality control checks are carried out and personally approving each and every one. Of course you can talk to any of our staff at any time if you wish.

All production is carried out in house, we do not sub contract anything. Your exhibition stand production is too important, you only get one chance at it and it has to be right.

All manufacturing is the responsibility of our Production Director, all our managers and production operatives are trained and your exhibition stand is produced with pride. We are one of only 2 companies that we are aware of that pre build all exhibition stands - no exceptions prior to the show. This eliminates all snags which may arise during manufacture and gives you peace of mind that on the day all will be perfect.

As we are building the stand why not join us for an hour or two and see your stand in the flesh before the trade show event.

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Head Office: 01782 264110  |   London office: 020 3489 5939