Bespoke Exhibition Stands & Custom Exhibition Stand Design

Make an impression with your very own custom built bespoke exhibition stand. Start with a FREE 3D design, if you decide to buy from us, once approved, we will take it all the way to build and breakdown - knocking spots off all your competition!


Stand out in the crowd with Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design of your bespoke exhibition stands. 

A custom exhibition stand affords complete flexibility when it comes to design, after all It is being built to your specification to enable you to promote your services or demonstrate existing and maybe new products. Each component is designed and made to completely satisfy your requirements. The design of the exhibit is all important to ensure success at each show that you attend, also in this day and age ROI is all important and it's essential that your exhibit is flexible and be able to be reconfigured in its design thus enabling it to be used at multiple shows. This inevitably means each time you can create a stand you're extremely proud of but not start each new show from scratch. This keeps costs to a minimum whilst getting you excellent results . 
Your exhibition stand should comply with and enhance your corporate brand, with bespoke exhibition stands you most certainly can, as the options are limitless. 




custom exhibition stand design showing how plain white can be effectiveA custom exhibition stand is the way forward

Attending a trade show or conference is a daunting prospect even for the most experienced event planner and will throw up many questions and worries, will you get the right emphasis on your company name, will the company's branding be adhered to, what colours will make the right psychological subliminal messages, the questions are endless.

Even if very experienced many pitfalls abound when specifying a custom exhibition stand

Fortunately we have decades of experience and understand design from producing a wow factor, through using the right colours and headlines all while sticking to your branding guidelines. What we are excellent at is listening particularly to how you need the stand to work for you! We will guide you as there is no point in building a stunning looking stand that doesn't fulfill its function or is so impracticable to be useless on the day. Once we have a complete understanding of your requirements we only then look at what image you want to portray, what do you want the stand to say about you and your company? Its also important to understand how you want the visitor to feel when they see your stand. Once all this is established and only then , will we put the process in action and together design and build a bespoke custom stand completely specific to you!






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