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Why is it so important that your exhibition stand looks fantastic?

Saturday, 18 July 2015

​​Allow me to demonstrate why it is so important that your exhibition stand looks professional with two images and two questions...

Would rather get in the plane above...


Or this one below?


Let me guess...the second one? Why?

Well apart from the obvious answers that the top one is a complete wreck and the bottom one looks like it will actually get you to your destination there are also several key factors in the second image that make, getting on to that plane much easier. These are:

  • It is visually appealing
  • The plane is clean and modern looking.
  • There is a clear entrance to the plane with the door open making it inviting.
  • There is nothing cluttering up the photo  a clear purpose to what you are supposed to do. 
  • You can clearly see who the plane is made by instilling confidence.

You may ask what has a plane to do with an exhibition stand, but these points above have everything to do with how your exhibition should look and how you should ensure it stays throughout your exhibition.

Let's elaborate: 

  • Your exhibition stand has to be visually pleasing. Without turning heads of passers by you will never attract any new visitors to your stand.
  • Your exhibition stand graphic design has to be clean and uncluttered, if your stand is cluttered with bits and pieces of information it will make the whole space really busy and almost impossible to read; people will just walk on by. 
  • There must be a clear entrance to your stand, how will people come on to the stand if they don't know how? 
  • Your exhibition stand space needs to be open and clutter free and of course litter free. 
  • Your stand needs to be clear and concise in it's message. Either  A, B or C. Do not try and do all three as this will result in a confusing and ineffective exhibition stand. 
  • Make sure your brand logo, company name and strap line are as big as you can possibly get them. The bigger they are the more likely people are to see them from a distance.

Keep these 6 basic points in mind when organising and running your exhibition stand and you will be half way there to a very successful exhibition. 

The other half? Well that's even easier...just follow this link below to get your new free 3D exhibition stand design today:



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