Utilise exhibitions and get the most from your marketing budget.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Utilise Exhibitions and Get the Most From Your Marketing Budget.

Article 50 is about to be triggered so the country and businesses in particular are about to enter uncharted waters. 

In stormy troubled and uncertain times history has shown many companies batten down the hatches and usually the marketing budget is the first casualty being the easiest cut to make. However and we agree many sages of business maintain that the marketing and sales budget should be the last area to be cut as is the lifeblood of any company. So it is good to see and good news that during the past few months, despite Brexit fears, a number of marketing surveys state that “chief marketing officers have seen their marketing budgets increased for 2017”. 

This news bodes well for the whole marketing mix. However the surveys point out that a good portion of the increased budget will be spent on digital advertising and analysis. Any company that is to thrive in today’s business world would be foolish not to embrace and do everything possible to improve and reinforce their online presence however the benefits of face to face contact and networking should not be overlooked. 

The internet world is fickle and impersonal; it does not form a tangible personal relationship and does not build customer loyalty. The costs of digital branding and marketing is difficult to monitor and calculate a true return on investment; whereas an exhibition’s cost is easily calculated and returns accurately measured. It is for this reason that all marketing officers should consider and test a series of exhibition shows in their calander. Personal contact and face to face meeting is impossible to recreate digitally and we all need human contact to reinforce relationships. The exhibition trade show circuit is the ideal space to close the circle of brand identity and loyalty.

The Plusgroup as a company has operated in the exhibition world for over 30 years and has garnished a deep understanding of the trade show industry. They are particularly good at advising and showing companies how to spend their hard earned cash wisely. They are so confident of this that they are happy to develop a brief with you and provide a free 3D visual of how your next exhibition could look. To take them up on this offer please contact them here.

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