The Future is Bright, The Future is Modular

Friday, 29 May 2020



Modular Exhibition Stands offer a Bright Future

Having spent thousands of pounds on your exhibition stand space, now you must attract visitors to the trade show. You must look unique, dominate in the hall and of course stay within your budget. Previously the only way to exhibit was to have a bespoke stand built from traditional materials. This method proves to be an expensive one off use and is not environmentally friendly but since the introduction of the aluminium frame in the industry things have changed - for the better. 

Modular exhibition stands - a change for the better.

Traditionally a wooden frame is produced to which MDF or chipboard panels are attached to produce an exhibition stand, a labour intensive and wasteful process. A few years ago aluminium frames were introduced which replace wood in forming the structure of an exhibition stand, to which in the worst case MDF panels can be attached or more user and environmentally friendly aluminium or foamed PVC can be attached overall giving the same impression as a traditional stand. They have succeeded in blurring the boundary between bespoke exhibition stands and modular trade show stands. These can also be reconfigured if the graphics are designed correctly enabling them to be reused in different layouts to accommodate various floor spaces at future shows thus resulting in up to 70% savings on rebuilds. This makes a very healthy return on investment.

Graphics hide frames and easily changed on Modular exhibition stands

Previously the aluminium frames of modular exhibition stands could not be hidden behind graphics but with our new system this now achievable and a bespoke seamless look can be achieved using this system.

Exhibitions and trade shows especially if business to business are generally vertically marketed, the shows are themed. Designed to attract visitors from a particular sector or discipline. In addition Business to Consumer shows like the car show, crafts show et cetera are also similar meaning you need to tailor your message to each audience every time you go to a different themed show. In the past a very expensive task if at all possible. Not now! The graphics on our displays are easily changed on a small budget.

modular exhibition stand 3D design Not convinced? Fortunately there is an easy way to find out and you don't need to spend a penny. Simply contact us and we will be happy to guide you and develop a brief  that takes literally a few minutes. From this our studio will send you a free 3D visual of your stand design. Yes free as we say with absolutely no obligation. You also get a price breakdown in case you may be interested, reuse costs as well with as we said earlier up to 70% savings. How is this possible you ask? It’s because once the 3D design and the quotation has been sent most potential clients are wowed, realise what a good value for money deal it is and we have a great uptake of our proposals, you win - we win! In addition we also promise after we have sent the visual and quotation we won’t hassle you to purchase, the choice is entirely yours.  

The Plus Exhibition System is available for self build but most clients use free hardware hire system where we are happy to offer a professional full project management service which includes build and dismantle.

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