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Ten Top Tips For Exhibitors

Friday, 6 February 2015

This blog highlights what I feel are the 10 key points to a successful exhibition, they are invaluable to any exhibitor, from the seasoned pro to the first timer. It is worth making a note of these and as your exhibition plans take shape, ensure you are doing every single one!

  1. Choose the right exhibitionThere are literally thousands of exhibitions out there, make sure you do your research and pick the correct one for you.
  2. Ensure the exhibition you have picked is actually going to attract enough visitors. The best way to do this is quiz the organizer on their marketing plans and what they are going to do to ensure your investment is not wasted! Don’t be scared of doing this, after all you are spending a substantial amount of money with them.
  3. Set achievable and measurable objectives. Write down exactly what you want to achieve at your exhibition. An example of this is “125 qualified leads”. Make sure that after the exhibition you gather your team together and assess your progress.
  4. Design your stand in line with your objectives. This point I cannot stress enough, so many people thing that an exhibition stand just needs to look pretty. Let your exhibition design company know the objectives you have set and they will help you design it to help you achieve these objectives. For instance don’t set an objective of selling X amount of products then have a stand that has nowhere to display the product!
  5. Train your staff. At your exhibition the people on the stand are your company’s most important asset. Research has suggested up to 80% of an exhibitions success is down the people on the stand. Make sure they know everything they need to know to ensure a highly successful event.
  6. Forget what your Mum and Dad told you, talk to strangers! Speak to everyone you can, the more people the better.
  7. Learn how to converse properly. This may sound surprising but the amount of times I have been to exhibitions and heard people asking completely closed questions to start a conversation is shocking. For example “Can I help you?” is a waste of time, as 95% of the time people will just say no! Ensure you use open questions that will draw an engaging answer out of them. There will be a whole blog on the art of conversation, as it is so important you master it to get the most out of your exhibitions!
  8. Write things down and record every lead you get! Don’t rely on your memory; it may not be as good as you think! Ensure you record every lead, every positive conversation and keep everyone’s contact details safe!
  9. Do not:
  • Eat on your stand
  • Sit down
  • Use your phone
  • Have your back to the aisle
  • Have coats and bags etc. strewn across the floor – there are cloakrooms for a reason!
  1. Follow up your leads. This is simple…if you don’t follow up your leads you will achieve a 0% return on your investment, but more importantly make sure you can measure the result of those leads, after all if your return on said exhibition was 400% you may just think about doing more of them…

These 10 points will ensure your exhibition has a much higher chance of succeeding, but do not pick one or two, DO THEM ALL.

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