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Shalam Trade Show Stand

Thursday, 11 June 2020

The Trade Show Stand you designed and produced for us was excellent!


2nd March 2018

*Review by confirmed client*

Hi Sarah,

The stand was very good, people said how good it looked. We was very happy with your service.

Gary Dorsey | Shalam Packaging Ltd
Sales and Account Manager" 


Trade show stand for Shalom inour new system

Trade show stand designed to be reconfigurable and reused.

This was exactly what Gary said! Plusgroup were contacted back in 2016 by Gary to design a Trade show stand for them that was reusable as they exhibited frequently. Plusgroup design team were put into action and the result is shown in the picture above. The exhibit can be easily reconfigured to fit various stand sizes.

Shalam's success at the shows has resulted in our company gaining 2 extra orders from exhibitors at the exhibition who were also very impressed By the trade show stand appearance. 

Since this stand we have built them another stand from our new system which uses aluminium framework, much sturdier and allows many new and exciting additions. These include:

  • lockable secure custom made counters to display almost anything from jewelry to heavy machinery or simply used as a reception desk
  • Proper hinged door  lockable storage cupboards - not just a curtain! 
  • Load bearing shelves
  • Video walls
  • Overhead Ceilings and down lighting
  • Desks and presentation areas
  • Printed exhibitor flooring
  • Trendy fabric seamless graphics

To name but a few, we can now do virtually any customised feature that any one could require including 2 story stands.

Exiting development in trade show stand manufacture

One exciting development is the ability to use stretch fabric graphics that allow a totally seamless look. It is a one piece graphic, not as some claim when they say seamless. Many companies use essentially pop up frames that use traditional popup panels, that is strips of approx 750mm wide and then claim they are seamless.

The main advantage of our new system however is that it is so much sturdier than the old one. We have seen on more than one occasion a stand built from pop up stands topple over because someone leant on it, or panels fall off as someone bumped into it, which is why in the main we decided to move away from them. The cost is no more than the old system but allows a much sturdier and Design feature rich stand to be produce.







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