Sales Training for Exhibitions-2

Friday, 12 May 2017

Sales Training for Exhibitions Part 2!

Rule 2.  If you don’t know them or even if you do, ask why they are at the show. 
Why because in most cases you are greeted by the sales person and then asked onto the stand with let me show you this, let me show you that, it does this, that and the other. How do you know they are the least little bit interested? Or even there to buy anything, if they are not then you are wasting your valuable time and you will lose them in seconds anyway. 
Instead take great interest in their answer, really listen and each time they respond ask another open question. Over a few questions and minutes you will build up a picture of the actual requirements and needs of the person. Usually they are trying to solve a problem of some sort. It could be to do something faster, add a new revenue stream, make their life easier, impress their boss, who knows – you certainly don’t unless you find out! 
You can then solve their problem or fulfil their need by making your sales talk relevant and keep it to a minimum. Ask, ask, ask do not tell, tell, tell. Each time you say the service or product does this stop and follow with a question like; does this sound the sort of thing you need? They must answer yes or no if yes then great if no, ask another question - why not? You can then solve this problem and build a whole lot of yeses. If you find out they really have no need for your product or service be honest with yourself apologise and move them on politely – you are wasting your and your company’s time. You will waste a lot of time boring people never to buy from you even if they do have a need in the future also the chances are you will have missed the one person standing in the wings aching to buy from you!

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