Rules to follow to get the best memorable impact from your exhibition stand-6

Friday, 7 April 2017

#6 Rule Number 6: MAKE IT EYE CATCHING!

All our senses crave stimulation and an image that is effective will stimulate all of them. If the correct picture is chosen not only will the eye be pleased but an image can and will activate feelings of warmth, apprehension, nostalgia or trigger the sense of smell, sound and taste. Again it is our sub-conscious that controls this and we have no or very little control over how it reacts. So be careful which images you choose when designing your exhibition stand graphics.

A strong image of any type will tell its own story. Another image may have the “wow” factor – these will immediately catch your viewers’ attention. Other images may be so captivating they inspire your potential clients’ imagination. If so they can be geared to trigger their hopes and dreams. Good exhibition stand designers will use these powerful devices to visually tell your story and choose images to make you stand out from the other competitor stands around you
While the best stand designers are mindful of the most striking images, they also know how to couple the most important elements of the brand and message with these chosen images. It is also important not to get bogged down in the detail which often muddies the message and overall ambiance. Short and sweet is by far the best. As pointed out in previous posts audiences are already over exposed to an endless stream of visual and written information, and you’ll quickly lose their attention if you overcrowd them with too many details. 

To visually tell a story focus must be maintained by structuring images to emphasise the most important element of the story. Again minimise the number of images used. Endless pictures are the same as rambling words and have the same effect of turning the viewer off. If 2 pictures will do the same as 10 then don’t be tempted to use more.

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