Rules to follow to get the best memorable impact from your exhibition stand-5

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

#5 Rule Number Five: Teach and Hold the Audience.

It’s very easy to lose your story in the endless number of blogs, articles and media used today. You must stand out somehow! So don’t be just another writer; bland does not cut the mustard, never has, never will! 

Be controversial as long as you believe it, instil a profound message or maybe have a moral twist, give a lesson to your audience. But don’t become a preacher but you can be an advocate. 

Stories have been utilised, since time immemorial, to impart wisdom and teach lessons to humanity, our brains are attuned to it. The most memorable stories are those with a twist or some form of humour to them and as always a picture is worth a thousand words. Even when a person is telling a story, because we think in pictures, all they are doing is describing a picture for your brain to paint. So try and incorporate this into your exhibition stand. 
Not an easy task but maybe some of these adverts will give you some inspiration. 

Another great short cut is to add a TV screen or some multimedia to your exhibition stand. In the past a slide show was state of the art but in today’s world if you want to hold your audience, get your story across, animated presentations and interactive media are a must. A good video with a little twist preferably with humour is the way to do it. If looking for inspirations take a look a few adverts on youtube.

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