Rules to follow to get the best memorable impact from your exhibition stand-4

Thursday, 9 March 2017

#4 Rule Number Four: People relate to people.

Think about it! Do you relate more to an object, idea or a person? Most people relate to people.

Knowing this would lead you to think that everyone would tell the story of the people behind a product or service but guess what? They don’t! How many times have you been on an exhibition stand where there are just pictures of product or service, coupled with an all knowing salesman bleating on about his product regardless of whether you have a need for it or not. This is a typical example of a non empathetic sales person but that’s another subject. It is so much more  powerful to use an image that relates to people using or receiving your product or service. This can be made even stronger if you can show people of the same or similar backgrounds, as people relate best to their peers. 

An example of this is Superman; would he be so appealing to us if he was not also Clark Kent? 
By telling a story about relationship, you inculcate a sense of trust between the identified audience and your brand and message.

All good film directors know that to really make an audience trust a character the eyes have it, again because of our inbuilt behaviour genes, from birth humans gain information by looking into each others’ eyes. Not literally each others eyes but seeing and copying what their peers do, it is a very powerful influence that should be built into your stand if at all possible. 

A smiling face has appeal and will be interpreted by any person whether in China, India, Africa the list is endless – global appeal which will attract more people to your stand. Once attracted please do train your people to be empathetic, question, question, question not tell, tell, tell!

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