Rules to follow to get the best memorable impact from your exhibition stand-3

Thursday, 2 March 2017

#3 Rule Number Three: Tell a Story.

So how do we do that? Well the unforeseen changes a journey into a story!

A story is only a string of words and at best a description unless there is some form of the unforeseen. Imagine driving from your home to work, a definite journey but not a story. If by chance someone knocks on your window while you are stopped at traffic lights and asks you for a lift and engages you in conversation – then there is a story to recount, who knows where it might lead. The unforeseen is you have had your everyday journey interrupted.

 You can define the unforeseen in so many ways. It does not just mean, having a battle with someone or something totally negative happening. The unforeseen happens in every day business life and is often a positive not a negative.

If a person or a company has a problem to solve this is in itself is the unforeseen! It is the marketer’s job to take this unforeseen something and explain why the product or service is relevant to that person or company’s problem.

How? By listening to the problem and then creating a visual story to resolve the unforeseen. The story becomes the solution and then the challenge is to condense this into a one line headline with graphics to tell the story in an exhibition stand design scenario. It is then the exhibition stand designers job to liaise with the marketer to develop and produce the answer.

Sounds simple! It’s not!

To develop a story and link into an existing brand takes a lot of brain storming and experience! Fortunately you can tap into the plusgroup’s 30 plus years in the graphic and exhibition stand builders arena. We have a breadth of knowledge and expertise in hitting the nail on the head first time. The great thing is the initial design and 3d exhibition stand visual is absolutely free with no strings attached. A free exhibition stand design for you, all you have to do is pick up the phone or email us.


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