Rules to follow to get the best memorable impact from your exhibition stand-2

Thursday, 23 February 2017

 First Impressions Matter.

It’s a fact we no longer live in caves and lighting tends to be bright enough to see clearly today however our brains are still programmed albeit sub consciously to react according to rules that have evolved over many tens of thousands of years. Which leads us on to rule number 2.

#2 Rule Number Two: Above all First Impressions Matter. 

Yes it’s an old saying but it really does matter and there is plenty of evidence around to support that; just Google first impression matter and over a million search results are sent back, but basically they all say the grey matter between our ears has been honed over 1000’s of years to react quickly and remember visual impressions mainly to survive. React to danger, react to food sources, react to friend or foe, these are deep rooted and we can’t help but sub consciously react to visual stimulation, it’s in our genes!

In the world of exhibition this sub conscious is hard at work and we do not even realise it. If your audience gets the wrong idea or a danger colour is used and triggers the flight response then your stand will not be visited. The first impression must appeal to the primitive instincts to draw them in.

The graphic and primary message used needs to hook the audience and invite them to find out more without triggering any danger signals which are inherent in all our brains and all this is done in a fraction of a second. If you wanted to survive in cave man times you had to make those snap decisions to avoid being trampled or mauled to death.

For example even if your exhibition stand is selling guard dogs its no good putting a picture of a snarling Alsatian dog on the stand people will automatically flee, instead use a picture of cuddling puppies with a message “find out how they turn into guard dogs”!

Plus Exhibition stands are very aware of this rule and we are happy to provide a free 3D design of how we think your stand could work better for you. All you have to do is send us an email or call us on 01782 264110. We will then have a 10 minute chat with you to develop a brief and provide a free no obligation design.

Watch out for the next rule in the next few days.

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