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Reconfigure and Reuse Your Exhibition Stand

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Without a doubt one of the best ways of saving money, time and effort is by reconfiguring your exhibition stand to fit different exhibition spaces. 


The key to doing this is planning out your exhibitions well in advance. At the start of the year, or when you plan your marketing strategy for the next 12 months, sit down and spend a day or so researching and planning the exact exhibitions you are going to attend. Then decide on the floor space you are going to purchase at each exhibition, and if possible purchase there and then. Finally set a budget for how much you want to spend on your stand itself, this is vitally important for getting the best out of your stand design company. 


It is possible that with clever stand and graphic design that the same stand can be used to fit every space you have booked, this instantly cuts your stand costs dramatically! This way of doing things also reduces the amount of stress that comes with each exhibition, simply because you do not have to go through the design and build process each time.


All there is left to worry about is shipping, install and dismantle. As your exhibition design and build company should be taking care of all this (unless you are self building) there is not a lot of major tasks left to worry about! 


Another great tip for reusing your exhibition stand, is to make sure you pick a system that you can simply buy new graphics for and do not have to replace all the hardware each time. If you are planning on changing graphics regularly it is worth looking for a company that actually rent the hardware free of charge and just charge you for graphics. This reduces your stand costs dramatically and allows you complete flexibility when you want to add or take away from your stand in the future. This also means that the only cost implication of increasing the size of your stand is the graphics. No hardware purchases necessary. (Click here for details of our free hire service)


A little word of warning, not all companies will be able to design you an exhibition stand that is reconfigurable and reusable, this is due to the limitations of the systems that they use, if you would like one of my team to contact you regarding reconfigurable stands and help you get your very own free 3D exhibition stand design just follow this link:



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