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Quite Interesting

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Quite Interesting

Sitting here watching QI on TV I find myself completely engrossed at every fact, tit bit and anecdote.

This does bare relevance to exhibitions, a loose connection at best, but never the less. Being engaging, interesting and entertaining to the people that visit your stand will pay dividends and boost the return you see from said exhibition no end! 

People at exhibitions will probably have the same conversation between approximately 5 and 20 times throughout the day, so don’t fall in to the trap of making them repeat the same things over and over. Think of something interesting to talk about, an anecdote or even just a joke! Make their trip to your stand different and entertaining, they will not remember you other wise. 

You do not have to be the life and soul of the party to be able to keep someone entertained. The best thing about meeting new people every 15 minutes is that if you have found a set of questions, stories, jokes or anecdotes that work you can repeat them over and over. Write them down, memorise them and tailor your selection of witty quips to each individual person. 

If you are really not a people person and get very nervous at these type of things the key is to practice, slow things down and take your time. 

If you do fall flat on your face when conversing with the first few people, it does not matter. You will not grow without making mistakes, as long as you learn from those mistakes nobody will mind! You will most probably never see that person again, so that feeling of embarrassment will pass quickly! 

But most importantly of all if your exhibition stand design is not engaging, exciting and eye catching you might as well not turn up as no one will walk over to your stand in the first place!

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