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Quinn Building Products Exhibition Stand Review

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Quinn gets nominated for best exhibition stand design and build

Thank you letter of exhibition stand design and build by confirmed client 3rd time exhibiting with the plusgroup


"I just wanted to say what a brilliant job and a big thank-you for your companies help with the exhibition stand design and build! Myself and all my colleagues were very impressed with the way it turned out and the professionalism we got from all the team at Plusgroup when we were working on the design. Also to the installers for carrying out an excellent and tidy install!..."

We had many compliments and praise on the look of the stand and were nominated in the top 5 at the exhibition awards ceremony in the category of best stand at the  Show! We told everyone who asked who did exhibition stand design and build, hopefully this may lead to some more orders and reflect well for you too!!

Please pass on my and my colleagues thanks for all and we look forward to working with you much more in the future!

Have a lovely holiday!


Paula Donnelly





Plus Exhibition stands uses an aluminium skeleton to build exhibition stands which are recyclable unlike traditional wooden construction. The look goes beyond the bespoke design in many ways and with the use of modern materials all chosen for their recyclability they are very eco friendly. The great thing about these trade show stands is that they are also reconfigurable and reusable. This means that up to 70 can be saved on reuse. We will store the stand and graphics free of charge beyond use which is the beauty of excellent exhibition stand design.

If you have a project coming up soon or in the future please do not hesitate to contact us for s free 3D design and realsitic render.


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