Project Managed Exhibition Stand Design and Build

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Project Managed Exhibition Stands Design, Build, Dismantle and Storage

Project Managed Exhibition Stands Design, Build, Dismantle and Storage!

Have you ever planned an exhibition and become totally stressed out by it? 

Or are you about to attend your first exhibition and haven’t the faintest idea of where to start, and how to go about organising it? 

Well how about a stress, panic and worry free exhibition…..seems like a pipe dream? Well it is not when you choose Plus Exhibition's fully project managed install and breakdown service. 

Our fully project managed exhibition stand build, install, breakdown and storage service is what a lot of our clients call “a god send”. 

As soon as you pick Plus as your stand contractor you will be allocated a project manager for the entire preparation, pre build and exhibition period. This means you barley have to lift a finger and we will do all the hard work, boring paper work and pain in the neck healthy and safety forms for you. All you have to do is approve your artwork and stand layout with the click of a button and choose your flooring options. The rest is down to us! 

We know that when project managing a complex exhibition project it can easily take upwards of 100 hours in total to get everything signed off, ordered, approved etc. and a lot of people out there simply do not have this time available. This is why our team of project managers are here to give you all that time back…so go and enjoy your weekend instead of being buried under mountains of forms about electrics, flooring, risk assessments, method statements, CDM compliance the list goes on!

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Plus Exhibition stands has a wealth of experience in eye catching displays that attract the audience which is backed by many accolades from existing clients. The best is it will cost you nothing to see what we can do for you, as we offer a free no obligation 3D visual of what your exhibition stand design could look like. Just click this link to send your enquiry or call us on 01782 264110 for a chat..


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