Plus Exhibition on time for Northern Rail

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Plus Exhibition on time for Northern Rail

Plus Exhibition stands were approached by Arriva and asked if it was possible to provide a backdrop for their launch of the takeover of the Northern Railway franchise.

They expressed that a few obstacles would be in the way.

  • The exhibition backdrop had to be stable and sturdy as would be in the middle of the concourse of Piccadilly station in Manchester.
  • Railways have a very strict health and safety policy
  • The stand can only be put up between 3am and 5am when the station is quiet
  • The stand would need to be taken down at 4pm Friday in the middle of rush hour whilst adhering to all health and safety challenges
  • The artwork would only be signed off literally hours before the event.

A few hurdles to say the least. But Plus Exhibition Stands enjoy a challenge!

With careful planning, lots of form filling, overtime and red eye shifts the team performed to perfection and most importantly delivered bang on time.

The modular yet stable exhibition stand performed to perfection and the launch went without a hitch, even the dismantle was carried out in less than an hour.


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