Make Your Next Exhibition Stand Space Only - Save £££s

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Make Your Next Exhibition Stand Space Only - Save £££s


Many of our clients/prospects come to us and say they have booked a 5x4m shell scheme and want to build a stand within this space, straight away they have cost themselves money. This is an easy mistake to make, so don’t worry if you have...but read on to find out why! 


So why does getting a shell scheme instead of space only end up costing you money if you are building a stand? Well, simply because if you are building a stand within the shell scheme (95% of the stands we build are built within the shell scheme) and not building/putting graphics on to the actual walls of said shell scheme, there really is no need what so ever for one. 


Shell schemes are designed for people that do not want to build custom/modular stands within the space, they are for people who want to hang graphics etc. from the walls and make their shell scheme their stand, not cover it up so no one can see it. If you can’t see it, why bother having it? 


The exhibition organisers will try to push a shell scheme on you as they make money from this, but if you are using the Plus Exhibition stand system there is no need for the shell scheme and this will save you thousands of pounds! 


Another great way to save money is by renting furniture, TVs and even buying carpet/flooring directly from us, however this is only available if you are using our build and break down service, see link below for full details: 




Why would this save you money? Because we will already be there installing your stand we will not charge you to install the carpet, deliver and install the TVs or just deliver the furniture. The average saving for an exhibitor by doing this is around £350.00, this is based on the rental of 4 stools and a table, one tv and a carpeted floor. If you were to opt for a wooden floor from a specific contractor this saving would be even greater! 


So in short, if you are slightly confused about all the options on offer for you stand, just give us a call and let us ease the confusion and hopefully save you some money in the process! 

Plus exhibition stands, design and manufacture an exhibition stand that is custom built yet has inbuilt modular features. The stands are designed to be portable and reconfigurable. The multi use hardware requires no specialist knowledge. No tools are required to construct the display stand allowing a client to self build if they so wish. Any budget, stand size and graphic display are catered for with this unique system. The robust seamless graphics are reusable in various configurations. Integrated LCD screens and TV mounts along with standard shelving is available literally off the shelf. As part of their build and dismantle service comes their free framework hire offer which is very cost effective for those requiring a complete project managed service.

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