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Monday, 27 July 2020

Designing a stand for exhibition

Are you planning to launch a new product or service, or maybe going to promote your business at a trade exhibition? If so, for it to be a success, you will need to ensure that when you build a stand for exhibition, you shine out and for that you’ll need an exhibit that’s going to impress. So where to start? With more than 35 years’ experience designing and building show stands, we’ve come up with some questions to help you decide the parameters, a helpful beginner’s guide to design the perfect exhibition stand.

You must strive to set clear goals when designing any stand for exhibition projects.

If any stand you plan to build for an exhibition is to be a success, you must define the end goals clearly, which also must integrate with your marketing strategy. What you want to achieve from the show will greatly influence the kind of stand you design, as well as what you put in and on it.

The Harvard Business School concurs by saying “the design process can’t begin without a clear objective of what you want to achieve. Once defined every decision you make must contribute towards this objective”.


The design will be influenced by answering a series of questions about the use of the stand for exhibition.

Some questions below may help you do this, questions to help define your outcomes:

  • Is it a product or service that is new to the industry sector or to your business?
  • Is the product or service relevant to one sector or to the public?
  • Do you want to increase your client base and attract new customers, or do you want to entertain existing clients?
  • What type of contacts are you looking for new, repeat?
  • What lasting memory or message do you want the stand visitors to come away with?
  • What journey do you want attendees to take when they are at your stand?
  • Can I achieve this with my budget?
  • Should you focus on or add what the future holds as well as what you do now?
  • Who is your audience? Different designs will appeal to different audiences. Colours play an enormous part in visual appeal. Taken that the colours need to reflect your brand their use will define whether it feels very corporate and serious or has a large element of fun and interactivity. Think carefully about what your audience is like. How and what will engage them? What will attract them to your stand? What will form will the journey take to create that memory?

The answers to these and some of your own questions will help define the specification for the design for your stand. It will go a long way to allowing the exhibition stand designer to get the exhibition stand design right 1st time.

Practical considerations when designing a trade show stand


  • Is the stand to be single use or used at many different exhibitions?
  • This will define the type of stand you should lean towards bespoke or modular?
  • Do you need a storage area, if yes what is going in it?
  • Do you want or need an audio-visual element?
  • How many electrical outlets do you need?


Try to include a hook to make the event memorable

It can be a great advantage if your stand has a ‘hook’ that will attract the show audience. Remember some shows are big and involve a lot of walking, maybe one method of encouraging passers-by to stop is to offer comfortable seating areas and perhaps a hot or cold drink. As 87% of the attendees hold the buying purse strings, you have a good chance of talking to a potential client while they take the weight off their feet.
A word of warning – do not launch into a sales pitch without first finding out why they are at the exhibition. Find out and establish whether you can help them, if so, tailor your response to satisfy their needs not just tell them everything no matter how enthusiastic you might be about your product or service! If they are not interested in the colour and you harp on about it comes in so many different colours it makes a rainbow look black and white blah blah they will soon be bored and take flight, worse still it might be the company cleaner on a day out who has no interest at all in your services and you will waste your and their time. It’s all about asking questions and building up relationships.
If you answer these questions you will be well on the way to defining the outcome but remember It's not just about making the most of the day of the exhibition, don't forget to carry on communicating  with customers before and afterwards too for the best outcome.
If you would like help in doing this, our experienced project managers will be happy to ask you the questions and write the specification for you.

Contact us today for more advice and guidance in designing your stand for the next exhibition.

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