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Less is More

Friday, 1 April 2016

Less is More 

No one reads exhibition stands. 

No one goes to an exhibition to read, that is what libraries are for. They go to exhibitions to be wooed, looking for opportunities to discover something new and relevant to them. 

Walking round an exhibition people are bombarded with colours, images, free things, videos, sounds, smells the list goes on. The senses are being thrilled from every angle. 

So how would anyone’s attention be attracted by paragraphs of boring, dull, grey text extolling the virtues of your great new product? 

Chances are it wouldn’t happen…

You could literally write the lyrics to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (if you can spell it) on your stand and it would not make a blind bit of difference, unless Dick van Dyke turned up and started singing.

The three things that are a must in your stand design are: 

  1. Logo (include your strap line if you have one) 
  2. Big bold images, the fewer and bigger the better. 
  3. Why you are there? Are you launching a new product? Are you there to launch a new service? Promoting a long standing product? Well tell them then. Don’t rely on your staff having to talk to every single person that walks past the stand, as this is impossible. 

Anything else is mostly superfluous. Your design should be uncomplicated, have a high visual and most of all, be engaging to the passer by. At an exhibition people are rarely engaged by reams of text! 

So to get your free stand design today just follow this link:  exhibition stand design.

Plus exhibition stands, design and manufacture an exhibition stand that is custom built yet has built in modular features. The stands are designed to be portable and reconfigurable. The multi use hardware requires no specialist knowledge. No tools are required to construct the display stand allowing a client to self build if they so wish. Any budget, stand size and graphic display are catered for with this unique system. The robust seamless graphics are reusable in various configurations. Integrated LCD screens and TV mounts along with standard shelving is available literally off the shelf. As part of their build and dismantle service comes their free framework hire offer which is very cost effective for those requiring a complete project managed service.

For an exhibition stand design or consultation on your next exhibition stand just fill in the form here: Click here for exhibition design form

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