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How to choose the right exhibition stand design and build company

Thursday, 19 May 2016

How to choose the right exhibition stand design and build company

There are so many companies out there that choosing one can become a really complicated task. Here are 5 deciding factors that you will find really helpful when making that all important decision. 

1) Do you love their work? 

Probably the most important factor. Do you like the designs they have provided you with and do you like the pictures of previous work they have shown you. If a company is reluctant to show you more than 2 or 3 of their previous projects this probably means that most of them have not been a great success. Ask for a link to an online site like flickr that will showcase their past projects. If you want to take a look out our flickr page please click here

2) Does there payment plan suit your needs? 

Is the show a one off or are you going to reuse the stand? How much will it cost you to reuse the stand for next years show? If you are doing 4 shows in the space of 12 months can they offer you a better deal on the set up and breakdown for all 4 shows? Get to know all the upfront and repeat cost implications of your stand. 

3) Are they experienced?

Read some client reviews. How long have the company been in business? You could even ask to speak to a previous customer and see what there thoughts on quality of service and stand they received were? 

4) Who would you be dealing with?

Any exhibition company worth its salt will allocate you a project manager, so find out if this project manager is any good! Read through the previous client reviews and see if there name is mentioned, if not they are probably not very good and you should ask to be reassigned or even discount that company all together! 

5) Is this a long term relationship or a quick flash in the pan?

Are you planning on doing 4 exhibitions a year and looking to find a new long term supplier, or are you looking to do a one off show for a specific reason and totally undecided whether you are going to ramp up your face to face marketing in the coming years. If you are looking for a long term partnership, then you want to get to know the company inside and out, make sure that the person you are dealing with gets what you want, need and are trying to achieve. On the other hand if you are attending a one of event for a specific reason ensure that the company you choose can deliver a stand that will help you achieve that specific goal. 

If you want to get your very own free exhibition stand design today click the link! 

Plus exhibition stands, design and manufacture an exhibition stand that is custom built yet has built in modular features. The stands are designed to be portable and reconfigurable. The multi use hardware requires no specialist knowledge. No tools are required to construct the display stand allowing a client to self build if they so wish. Any budget, stand size and graphic display are catered for with this unique system. The robust seamless graphics are reusable in various configurations. Integrated LCD screens and TV mounts along with standard shelving is available literally off the shelf. As part of their build and dismantle service comes their free framework hire offer which is very cost effective for those requiring a complete project managed service.

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