How To Attract More People To Your trade show booth

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

How To Attract More People To Your Trade Show Booth

A lot of preparation, time, resources and money goes in to your trade show booth and your exhibition stand design so that when the big day comes you and your staff are ready to make it the most successful exhibition you have been to yet. So to ensure this happens make sure you do these 5 things on your exhibition stand! 

Interaction is becoming more important when it comes to design of a trade show booth 

It is fact that as people grow older they become stuck in their ways, exhibition stand designers are no exception to this. They do the things they are familiar with. Only in recent years has video in the form of walls or large TV screens started to feature in trade show booth design along with games, quizzes, tournaments and demonstrations. There is a reason for this, young people enter the work place in the 1000's every year and their interests and what turns them on is so different to designers just 10 years older. Their attention span gets less by the decade and so fast changing images need to be used that is video! It is also paramount that any effective trade show booth design company also employs joung design persons to ensure that their ideas are incorporated into any potential projects to make sure that this age group are catered for.

Use exhibition stand give aways and on stand competitions effectively.

Give aways and competitions can be a very effective tool in helping you entice people on to your stand, you will be surprised at what people will do to get a free gift or for the chance to win something, especially in a business to business environment competitions where people can win things brings out their competitive nature. Our team at Plus can help you with all your give away needs all you need to do is ask or click here to get your free trade show booth design.

A good way to publicise the giveaways at the exhibition is to have a specific area on your stand dedicated to promoting the giveaways. Be that graphics or stand alone plinths, you need something to inform people of what they can get their hands on. 

I will follow up with another email next week with the other tips!

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