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Fireworks, Bonfires and...Exhibitions?

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fireworks, Bonfires and...exhibitions?

What on earth can fireworks and bonfires have to do with exhibitions you might ask? 

Well, there is one key element that people tend to associate with the success of bonfires and fireworks... the bigger the better. 

The taller the bonfire, the more exciting. The longer and louder the fireworks, the more spectacular. This is all very well if you have an unlimited budget. However if you have a limited budget a lot can be said for a smaller, quicker, well designed and choreographed firework display with a more intimate bonfire that doesn't burn your face when you are within 10m of it. 

Can you see the resemblance between this and exhibitions yet? 

Allow me to elaborate. 

People that attend exhibitions often think they need to get the biggest space they can afford and then think about filling it later. This is wrong. You need to plan your budget to make sure that the space and stand you purchase give you the largest impact. It’s no good buying a 10m x 10m space and having only £5,000 left over to fill it. 

The same with fireworks, its no good buying 20 huge fireworks that cost £50 each then setting them off one after another. Instead you should think it through, how about buying a good variety of fireworks for the same money to create a better visual spectacle that lasts longer. 

Exhibition participants also tend to think the bigger, louder, more exciting the stand, the better their exhibition will go. While big, bold and exciting will get you noticed it does not mean it will help you achieve what the goals set for the exhibition. 

Your exhibition stand design needs to function! This means you the exhibitor should set out clear goals and aims for your exhibition. Make sure you let your stand designer know your aims so they can ensure the stand design will help you achieve just that. 

Your staff will also play a key role in helping you achieve these goals and aims so ensure they are trained, motivated and look the part! There is nothing worse than stepping on to a great looking exhibition stand to be greeted by, miserable sour faces that couldn’t give two hoots about talking to you. 

So if you are thinking about attending an exhibition and are currently looking at spaces, don’t be drawn in by the exhibitor organisers sales pitch of the bigger the better and think about where you budget will be more effective. 

If you need some free, friendly advice around budget constraints and what you can achieve with your budget give us a call and chat to one of our friendly customer service team today.

Why not get a free stand design while your at it so you can see in full 3D exactly what your budget will get you!

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