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Live or virtual good exhibition stand design is important

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Whether a face to face event or a virtual event, exhibition stand design is all important!

As the world hunkers down due to Covid-19, virtual event activity is at the forefront of the traditional exhibition stand organisers’ thoughts. They are trying to replace the lost contact and ultimately business that face to face provided.

World sees a new era in the adaption of exhibition stand design for virtual

A plethora of online exhibition platforms have sprung up to try and satisfy this market. Some good some not so but what has become evident is that good exhibition stand design by an experienced exhibition stand designer is one of the keys to a successful event.
Exhibition stand designers know what attracts and engages potential clients. Both virtual and live spaces are there to do the same thing communicate with existing and potential  clients and the rule that you only have 5 seconds to attract someone’s attention still applies.

Beware of having the same look due to repetitive designs

Many virtual platforms only offer standard trade booths, meaning a logo change and maybe a colour if you are lucky, so in essence you look the same as all the other exhibitors.  Not a good formula for standing out.
Some virtual event platforms particularly those that have many years experience in face to face exhibitions understand this and offer individually designed stands. One company that does this well is our sister company plus-virtual. They offer a unique platform that can be expanded to facilitate a simple meeting, through standard webinars, all the way to a full-blown virtual event where they really excel! This platform has been designed based on a real show and allies the experience as close to a live as possible.

It is one of the only platforms that offers “in browser in platform video meeting, webinar and conferencing”. A must if virtual visitors are visiting from a corporate office protected by a firewall that won’t allow downloads or pop ups.

Imagine standing on a trade stand and a visitor walks onto it, what do you do -greet them of course! Unfortunately, most virtual platforms let them visit and go with no interaction unless the visitor instigates a chat. Plus-Virtual has solved this by having an alarm system so that a stand manager is alerted as soon as visited by an attendee and can initiate a conversation via text or video.
There are also many other unique features which can only be appreciated through a demonstration.
But all of this does not work unless you attract the visitor in the 1st place and hence the importance of exhibition stand design by experienced designers.


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