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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

An exhibitor’s Guide to Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Let’s start by asking Have you ever visited an exhibition?
Assuming you answer yes, have you ever asked yourself “what it was that attracted you to a particular stand”? Was it the merchandise or services on offer, the inventive exhibition stand design ideas, or may be the original exhibition graphic design that attracted your attention?
No matter what your answer might be, it all revolves around the innovative design of that exhibition stand. Next, you need to understand the concept of exhibition stand design ideas, no better place than to start than with basics.

You’ve got it, when considering an exhibition, the first thing that is likely to pop into your head is the exhibition stand itself. So maybe we should discuss what exactly a good exhibition stand is?

Good exhibition stand ideas form the foundations of a workable design

A multitude of, yet distinct elements all come together in an exhibition stand designers mind when creating. Well tested and simple design rules are used as well as experience to make sure it can be built during the process. Understanding each visual creative element and how it works when building your creative stand design is also especially important. So it’s important to make sure you  choose an experienced as well as talented exhibition stand designer so that you do not fall for design gimmicks that are expensive, don’t work practically or indeed contribute to the final look and feel.

So now let’s look at all the relevant aspects that will eventually define the look of your exhibition stand.

Stand floor Space 
Stand floor space will define the maximum length and width of your exhibition design, though the resulting size is much more likely to be constrained by your budget and exhibition defined outcomes.
So first define those outcomes and this will help you decide what is your need when it comes to the amount of floor space and wall space at an exhibition.  Common considerations include meeting rooms, break out space, storage areas, entertainment bars, shelves for product displays, reception counters and presentation kiosks.
When it comes to product display try and put a few articles together as a single product display needs more space.  
Booking your stand space can have quite a dramatic impact on budget so try and book a year in advance or immediately after the current show when deals are available all leads to a better choice of position and a cheaper rate.


Exhibition stand design idea for island standmodular exhibition stand design ideabespoke exhibition stand design exhibition stand idea with back wall only

Exhibition Hall Location

Exhibition hall Location is one of the most important factors when deciding to buy space for an exhibition stand. The footfall routes, location of rest rooms, cafes and entrances of the exhibition hall will have a large influence on your decision as to the best spot to put your stand.  Study the flow of traffic from the entry and exit points, walkways to key note speaker locations, toilets and cafeteria. This will also decide for you the ingress and egress point of your trade stand especially if you have an island or corner stand. It will also help specify the point of sale message positions for your exhibition stand design.  A detailed floor plan from the exhibition stand organisers will make this job a lot easier.
Whilst mentioning floorplans just check that exhibition hall pillars, air-conditioning ducts, windows and service channels are identified on the drawing as this will greatly affect the creative exhibition stand design. If not there ask, it will save a lot of time and cost in the long run
Type of stand 
There are many types from the top end Bespoke exhibition stands through custom stands to modular, self build, pop up and shell scheme stands that exhibition stand designers and builders offer to their clients, however they all fall into 3 basic categories.

Shell Scheme Stands

Are the most prolific at any exhibition show. If you are looking for small exhibition stand ideas, then these open one, two or three side stands are easily booked. They are usually sold with a standard floor carpet, and facia showing the company name and stand number across the top. They consist of vertical aluminium frame posts with horizontal H beams that are infilled with white Foamex to form the boxed in area. This stand can then be adorned with your company’s branding. If you’re on a low budget, a Shell Scheme Stand with shell scheme graphics is a perfect option. These are typically sold in standard configuration which include 3x2, 3x3, 3x4 meter shell schemes, by joining some together you can create almost any size you want, you could book 2 3x3 areas to make a 6x3 for example.
Space only Stands

Space only stands are usually  a block that is split up into specific areas but with no shell scheme, your stand will be sharing wall space between your neighbours both on the sides and rear unless you are a corner or end of row stand. In the middle it has one open side i.e. the front , end stands will be open two sides and a stand that is across the end of two rows will be open 3 sides. 
There is a balance when it comes to total cost here, as booking a row stand will necessitate a minimum 2.5m height and have 3 walls, the space rental may be lower but the Stand price of a 3-sided unit will increase.   So, it’s a trade-off between space type, size and stand cost and should also be driven by what takes preference for your visitor’s experience; show space and orientation or booth construction budgets.
These  also need extra ‘creative’ work on design and display to stand out from next door competition. If you have a lot of items to display then the three walls can be an advantage in that they offer ample space for product displays. There will also be room for a reception counter, maybe a LED screen, video wall and display stands. 

A Corner Stand is formed if you are on the end of a row. This leads to an open on the front and left or open on the front and right, confusing? Time to explain a little industry terminology. Exhibition stand spaces are described in the following way, open one side, open 2 sides (either left or right) open 3 sides – just a back wall, or open 4 sides or island stand. This is always defined when you are facing the front of the booth.  The more open sides you have the more inviting the stan can be made. Also remember that any area placed at an intersection will have larger footfall that is mor traffic. Open 2 sides typically a corner stand will mean there is plenty of room to fashion several divided areas such as lounge seating, storage room, or a meeting room.  

Open Space Stands

Also known in other countries as ‘raw space’, you simply rent the floor space for which you want to build a bespoke or custom/modular exhibition stand. With Open Space the result is only limited by your exhibition stand designers imagination and your budget, allowing you to commission a bespoke, custom, or modular exhibition stand which is unique and will include your brand image. You can undertake to do under a sub contract basis, use an independent exhibition stand designer and ask a separate exhibition stand contractor to estimate the cost of such a set up, but a full turnkey service contractor will take care of everything related to your exhibition stand design and build will project manage the whole process and life will be considerably less stressful for you.
Island Stands

Island Stands do command a higher price compared to all the other stand types, but the high price gives visibility and your brand will get substantial exposure in this position. It’s without doubt the most eye-catching stand type. The lack of walls however does mean you are completely dependent on reception counters and display podiums for displaying products and extra branding. Open space stand design also allows for an overhead hanging banner to be used which these days with lightweight LED modules can even have a video wall attached creating even more attention.


Defining the theme and look of your exhibition stand design ideas

Your company brand guidelines manual and objectives will decide the feel and the final look of your exhibition stand, but objective will define the content. So there is no easy one rule fits all when executing a creative exhibition design that will win the show. Here are some factors to consider along with your guidelines that will help meet your expectations.  The content and theme will drastically affect the factors below.


This is defined as the placement of an object or objects in a correct and aesthetically pleasing manner. The same principle applies to exhibition stand design ideas, also, when it comes to composition the expression “less is more” is most relevant, don’t clutter the design and make sure there is plenty of space between items. Space is also important for visitors to be  able to navigate the stand. Also, consider the purpose and position of every counter, bar, showcase and shelf.

If a seated area is to be utilised consideration must be given to whether the gathering is to be private, semi-private or an open entertainment space. Would your seating be better near the entrance, or would your seating be better off at the back near your refreshment bar?
Always ask yourself – do I really need this facility if not bin them, saves money, and most importantly opens up the feel of the exhibit.

What should you do about lighting: 

There is never enough light in an exhibition stand venue and the lights supplied as standard are not adequate. And lighting will make or break your stand. A good well thought out customised lighting set-up will ensure that you decide the mood and ambience for your attendees at your exhibition stand. Colour lighting does a great job but does not always work, be careful and take advice from an experienced exhibition stand designer when it comes to the lighting theme for your exhibition design.

Be mindful of Colour usage:

In the main your brand guidelines will decide the colour palette of your exhibition stand design. There will be no room for deviation here if you are to maintain your brands identity and there is no need to do so either. Simple usage of block colour in line with your branding can be most effective when it comes to exhibition stand ideas. Adding more colours especially on a limited space stand will result in a cluttered look and feel, which inevitably results in difficulty of brand recall. 

Fonts and Graphics

Again, some restriction will be inevitable I you are sticking to your brand identity. In exhibition design, font and graphics are used to create visual hooks, they need to be eye-catching and define a simple clear message. These focal points fall into three positions; High Branding to attract visitors from a distance, Eye-level where we all naturally look when close and Low-Level Branding for when folk are seated.
High Branding should always brandish your logo and name. This should be easily visible to even distant viewers. The best way to do this is by putting the exhibition graphics on a header board as high as you can get it, ideally on a hanging banner or if not then high up on the tallest wall in the booth. You would however want to check with the organiser’s handbook or the office itself to ensure rules and health and safety are met and related costs budgeted for a hanging banner as rigging points tend to be expensive.
Eye-level Branding is where your main exhibition stand graphics come to the fore. These are used to make your company more visible than your neighbours when visitors walk down the aisle. Main messages, tags, product line names, product or service images are incorporated to reinforce the exhibition design.
Low-Level Branding is for when the attendee is on your exhibition stand. This is where you can place interesting facts or describe your service in a little more detail. Little being the operative word. No one will read paragraphs of text on a trade show stand wall. Text should be kept to a minimum as your exhibition graphics should dominate the visuals with a punch headline to gain higher engagement.
Since attendees will walk around and visit literally 100’s of exhibitions stands during the show, their initial interest level will need to be piqued. Your massage should be simple and noticeably clear, the simpler it is the more engaging.  Use of more exhibition graphics and photos rather than text is so, so important.

Flooring, raised, carpeted, printed the choice is endless

Flooring depends on the equipment and layout of your exhibition stand design. If you need utilities for equipment  then a raised floor will be needed to allow cables, water, air to be run under the flooring. If a raised floor is used then it could also be lit by LED lighting to great effect. This will need to be covered with laminate, carpet, or a printed exhibition stand flooring. The mood is also affected by exhibition flooring as it adds the tactile element underfoot of your exhibition stand. 

Exhibition stand Print media decisions

With exhibition stands, fabric, vinyl sheet or PVC sheet in the form of Foamex are the most used. All have their pros and cons but either one is a good option. Prints in vinyl have a glossier look in comparison fabric has its own texture which is very fashionable and has the advantage of being light and seamless. Fabric prints are only limited in width to 5m so large areas can be covered and incorporated into exhibition stand design. The Fabric exhibition stand graphics are resilient to wear and tear if handled with just a little care and its graphics wont crack when folded.
In Conclusion all these visual elements are required for your exhibition stand design ideas to fulfil the requirement of an exhibition stand that is unique to you.
Cost Saving
One of the easiest ways to save on your budget is to rent an exhibition stand instead of purchasing one. We have the best rental scheme in the market place. Clients often see savings of 70% over a season.  We even store the graphics for you between shows.  


Audience engagement Ideas are the answer when it comes to Stand Design

To draw the maximum crowd towards exhibition stand, you need to engage your audience. Easier said than done how do you get their attention? Statistics say that about 60% of your show success is down to your exhibition stand design, the other 40% depends upon attracting through engagement and collecting visitor details for follow up after the show. 
Over the years w have come up with many different ideas to compliment your exhibit success.

Interactive Sessions

One of the best ways to attract that all-important potential client to your exhibition stand is by presenting a live demonstration of your service or product. This will enable the attendees to get hands on experience of your product. You could also prepare a visual presentation and show it through a touch screen or use the latest video walls. Another technique of producing that WOW-factor to your event is using digital graffiti walls that allow partakers to draw and write on a digital screen. Just make sure no rude comments are left!

Games & Contests a great crowd puller

Who in the world doesn’t like to win when playing an exhibition stand game? And if you are offering a prize just watch them queue up. We have a huge choice of video games; contest games and sports participation activities just give us a call. Be sure to make the register before they play to collect the contact details.

Distributing Free giveaways

People fall over themselves for free stuff. Lots of stands give freebies but few give the bags to carry them in, an obvious choice with your branding all over them. It’s worth bearing in mind the value of the gift will reflect on you so don’t skimp, choose your giveaway wisely keeping in mind the target audience and the standing of your company in the corporate world. Another trick is to select really cool useful long-lasting products that make your company stand out from the crowd. 

VR/AR Experience

Today’s technology moves at quite a pace, virtual reality and augmented reality is now proving to be a head turner at exhibitions and becoming more common. Transform your stand into an interactive space by developing amazing virtual reality for your event. This will not only create a buzz, but also develop a sense of curiosity among the attendees. Make sure when using the headsets, the clients don’t fall over or scream.

Spread the Word Socially

To make your event a grand success, it is imperative to promote it on social media and other digital platforms. While exhibition enables you to associate with the customer in-person, social media lets you connect with them online before and even after the show.  Plan out a media strategy that will help you inspire and engage the audience, creating a stir on digital platforms about your products and services.

Photo booth or green screen

Everyone below 60 are big into selfies and group photo’s? Utilising a photo booth at your exhibition stand would definitely attract visitors.  Another recent show used a green screen and added a variety of backdrops to potential client snapshots – they were 20 deep waiting for their turn. To collect the all-important data send them their photographs via email.

We hope these insights have been useful if you would like to discuss your project with us please fill in form below or call 01782 264 110


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