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European Attachments - Helios Systems Exhibition Stand Review

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Garry Adey

European Attachments Group/Helios Systems 

25 September 2015

*Review by confirmed client*

"Hi Tom

See below reply to your service questionnaire.

  1. How would you rate the customer service from initial quote up until the breakdown of your stand?  
    1. Excellent
  2. What did we do well?                         
    All aspects of the service were impeccable and eye for detail was paramount

  3. What did we do badly?                        

  4. What should we continue to do?          
    Continue with the same level of service

  5. What should we stop doing?                

  6. How would you rate the quality of your stand? 
    1. Excellent
  7. What were you specifically pleased with? 
    Quality of the stand from Graphics to installers was impeccable.

  8. Did anything displease you about the stand? 

  9. Did you feel your stand and the general customer experience from Plus gave you value for money? 
    A little expensive compared to others but you get what you pay for I suppose. 

  10. If no please specify why?
  11. Would you recommend Plus Exhibition? 

  12. If yes, do you know anyone who may be interested in our services? We offer a huge range of referral prizes if we receive an order, from brand new iPads to £300 worth of shopping vouchers dependant on order value!  
    I have already referred you to Benson Exhausts Ltd

  13. Is there anything we do not offer that you feel we should?            
    No you covered all our requirements

  14. Any additional comments?   
    Great overall experience with fantastic back up and service. graphics were amazing and the project management was perfect.

Best Regards

Garry Adey
Managing Director"

Head Office: 01782 264110  |   London office: 020 3489 5939