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Don't do a Trump

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Don't do a Trump! 

Don’t put your foot in it and say something you will later regret, or in Donald Trump’s case not give a single hoot about who you offend and how badly you offend them. 

Your exhibition stand is one big advertisement for your company, so make sure it says what you want it to say and comes across the right way. There are so many things that can come across differently in different places. 

One example of this is the number “4”. It is considered unlucky in China and generally avoided. So for instance if your company name was Banking 4 U this would instantly put people off your stand if you were exhibiting in China. You should strongly consider using the word “for” in stead of “4”, or even just using a logo that does not have the number 4 in it. 

There are hundreds of little things like this all over the world, even certain colours can offend. Our graphic design department are well aware of this and if you are exhibiting in specific country we will research all the elements of your stand design to ensure no offence is caused. This may sound extreme, however if no body wants to come on to your stand at your exhibition it is completely pointless you being there and a total waste of money. 

So let us help you make your next stand the most successful one yet! 

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