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Rollable Graphic Panels

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rollable Panels

  • Graphic exhibition and point-of-sale panels produced in photographic quality
  • Printed using outdoor, eco-solvent inks ensuring our posters and panels are UV resistant and guaranteed not to fade for at least 7 years
  • For non-standard shapes and sizes - call us now for help!
  • 5 days delivery - same day or next day available please call 01782 264110.
Price: 25.00 +VAT
Our Price: 15.00 + VAT
You Save: 10.00 (40%)
Storage Drum 45.00

rollable Panels rollable Panels rollable Panels

Just roll them up and away you go! Lightweight and easily transportable these rollable graphic panels are ideal for on the go presentations, as well as durable enough for use in exhibitions - just attach them to your shell scheme or folding exhibition panels with Velcro. Photo quality images are created on the stoplight material for a professional look and maximum impact

Weight: 4.5 kg
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