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Replacement Curvorama Graphics

Replacement Curvorama Graphics

Replacement Curvorama Graphics

  • 600mm or 800mm wide x 2200mm high
  • Printed at photo quality
  • Printed onto block out non curling material.
  • Packs inside Free graphic tube and bag.
  • Curved or straight.
  • Need to purchase Banner frame to be free standing 
  • Can be used in shell scheme with shell scheme clips.
  • 10 year Guarantee on parts
Price: 125.00 +VAT
Our Price: 85.00 + VAT
You Save: 40.00 (32%)

All Curvorama graphic panels will require either the banner stand kit support poles and feet so that they are free standing and/or shell scheme fixings should you also wish to hang them from a shell scheme wall. If you only ever want to hang them in a shell scheme then there is no need for the banner stand kit.

The poles and feet kits to make the Curvorama graphic free standing and shell scheme fixing clip sets are available from the main category. Please note that one banner stand kit or one shell scheme fixing clip set is required for each Curvorama graphic panel ordered. If you order the Curvorama banner stand as a banner stand then the banner kit is included. This item is the graphic panel only!

Our Curvorama graphic panels are photo quality printed onto a 350 micron non-curling display film which has a light block out centre so that light and shadows can not shine through from the rear. This ensures the graphic is always bright no matter if there is back light from windows or doors. The non curl properties also ensure the edges lie flat and do not curl. This makes it possible to join as many Curvorama graphics side by side as you like without gaps creating a large graphic display back drop or wall.
Our expert team are; “happy to help” and give advice with any questions you may have regarding Curvorama or any other exhibition stand query for that matter absolutely free and with no obligation. Just call us on 01782 264110 or email us 
Design and Artwork set up requirements
 If you are supplying artwork for single panel please make 600 or 800 wide depending on width you are to purchase x 2200mm deep. For multiple panels then the artwork should be prepared in one spread that we will seperate into separate panels for printing – do not set as individual panels! E.g., if you want three 800mm wide Curvorama panels then the artwork size should be 2200mm tall x 2400mm wide (plus 10mm bleed area all around which is normally set in the programme).
Colour mode: Please set artwork in either all RGB or CMYK do not mix!!
Bleed: Please allow 10mm of printed edge bleed and set artwork with crop marks
Artwork formats: High resolution PDF, JPG, TIFF
Weight: 3 kg
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