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Free exhibition stand design

In todayís digital world gone are the times when as an exhibitor you could rely only on using a plain exhibition stand. The cost to produce a colourful professional looking display stand has come down so that anyone can now afford to produce one. To compete with competitors it is now essential to employ the services of an exhibition stand designer even for a simple task like printing a simple banner stand. Donít shy away thinking you are going to need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Modern day software and a well trained graphic artist can turn out a very good looking result for less than £50.
Depending on what you are trying to achieve will decide which Exhibition stand system you will need to use. Budget will also come into play. However, pop up stands are one of the most useful and attractive options. You will be pleasantly surprised what can be achieved using this pop up system competing well and in fact out performing many modular exhibition display stands.
Transportable, reconfigurable, easy to assemble and take down.
Itís all as the headline indicates a typical design will take no longer than 30 minutes to put up and absolutely no tools are required. It takes even less time to break down and take away in the wheeled transport cases. If you have other shows and we know beforehand then we can ensure the design will allow you to reconfigure to fit these.
Attractive appearance
Pop up stands have the advantage of seamless graphics Ė no ugly aluminium poles visible on these.
Some companies have even developed the system to make them truly modular but look like they are bespoke designed stands. These companies even offer Free Exhibition Stand design with no obligation to buy. They employ exhibition stand designers of the highest calibre and all are able to work up 3d exhibition stand visuals.
If you are looking at exhibiting or purchasing a display stand of any sort get in touch!

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