E commerce



Food for thought
If you're reading this then you've already started thinking about selling goods or services over the Internet. The amount of goods being bought over the net is rapidly expanding and due to accelerate.

Must have the right ingredients
Experience has taught us that a successful online store is much more than a website, it's a business venture. We source, create and manage all of the following:

On-line strategy
Online strategy - We can help you plan how you approach transferring your existing business to the Internet or help you formulate a new one

Completely customisable and you own it!
Software - our e-commerce store is customisable and provides you with a choice of the following:
 - Product searches and displays
 - Shopping basket
 - Online payments
 - Personalised shopping experiences
 - Time based offers
 - One to one online promotions
 - Customer accounts
 - Stock control
 - On-line Catalogue builder
 - Order tracking
 - Order management
 - Customer management
 - Literally any other feature you want us to build!

So easy that it only takes a few hours to train staff
Once built our system is so user friendly we can train your staff in a matter of hours to manage the whole process or we can do it for you. For more information contact us now

The success of your store depends upon it being open for business! We own and operate our own servers housed in a secure building in The Docklands with a T1 connection. If there are any problems we are at the end of a phone to help. We can of course use an existing host or link to your existing web site if required. Click here for hosting details.

Systems Integration
If you have back office systems your online shop can work together with your stock control, accounting and if necessary EPOS systems.

Catalogue production
Have a professional, web ready catalogue photographed to show your product in their best light. In our own photography studio or we will come to you .