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Curvorama shell scheme 5x2

Curvorama shell scheme 5x2

Curvorama 5 x 2 shell scheme graphics

  • 600mm and 800mm wide graphics to fill scheme space.
  • Graphic panels printed at photographic quality.
  • Fixing bracket kits to fix graphics directly to walls.
Price: £1,050.00 +VAT
Our Price: £840.00 + VAT
You Save: £210.00 (20%)

Curvorama 5 x 2 shell scheme graphics Curvorama 5 x 2 shell scheme graphics Curvorama 5 x 2 shell scheme graphics Curvorama 5 x 2 shell scheme graphics

Curvorama 5 x 2 shell scheme graphics provide valuable extra floor space

The Curvorama shell scheme graphics for trade show shell schemes are perfect for lining a 5m x 2m booth. Producing a graphic wall with no visible gaps. Works with just a back wall, open one side (a L shaped stand) or a middle stand with 3 walls. With a little planning and good design you can use all or some of your panels to line many combinations. With  this is mind, at some later date you can buy extra panels if a bigger stand is required. The the shell scheme graphics fix snugly on the walls of the trade stand and being only 12mm thick  they use up no floor space once in situ. The clips also do not use any stick tape or self adhesive velcro - so no costly cleaning fees either! Using old style pop up stands or banner stands uses up expensive floor space. Some times as you use no space to display graphics you can book a smaller stand enabling you to save money. This can be used to often cover the cost of the graphics.  

Shell scheme graphics reused as Curvorama banner stands 

You can further improve your return on investment by using the shell scheme graphics as free standing banner stands or joined together as backdrop graphic walls. All you have to do is purchase the inexpensive optional banner mechanisms. They can then be used separately as stand alone banners or joined together in twos or threes as long as the design allows. Reuse them in your reception or office building to impress and motivate your staff between trade shows.

Transport bags that have dual rucksack and shoulder strap as standard. 

The system comes with a graphic tube and dust bags for each graphic, with the instructions printed on them, so they never get lost!. In addition the graphic bags all fit into one Rucksack padded outer that also has a shoulder strap - this option is included in the price. As an option you can have the same bag fitted with wheels and a drag handle for easy long distance transportation.

Weight: 28 kg
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