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Curvorama Backdrop Corner Kit

Curvorama Backdrop Corner Kit

curvorama backdrop

  • 3 x 600mm wide x 2200mm high Flexible Graphic Panels
  • 2 x 600mm wide x 2200mm Straight Graphic Panels
  • 5 x pairs of legs and back bars for supporting the Curvorama graphics
  • Individual bags for the graphics and mechanisms


Price: 760.00 +VAT
Our Price: 569.00 + VAT
You Save: 191.00 (25%)
2 x 150w Spot lights & flight case: 99.00
Wheeled carry case instead of holdall: 99.00

If used in the straight mode, the Aero kit will measure 3 metres wide and 2.2 metres tall. This is an ideal size for filling smaller exhibition stand spaces. If the space is smaller simply bend the curved panels to suit. If a larger area has to be decked out simply add additional straight or curved Curvorama banner stands. 
If you know the space you have to fill then just email us the size and we can recommend a suitable layout. If at a later date you rent a shell scheme exhibition space simply buy the shell scheme attaching kit and reuse the graphics. As the graphics lie flush to the wall no space is taken up by feet or frames and the whole exhibition space can be used. It’s so versatile! If the next show is open space or want to put it up in your reception between shows simply put the banner mechanism back onto the graphics and your display becomes free standing once again.
The banner stand feet and backing poles included in the price. You can buy as many as you like and make a graphic wall in any size or shape.
Shell scheme fixings are available separately from the accessories section. 
Curvorama graphic panels are printed onto a 240 micron non-curling stop light SoFlat display film which means the panels stay flat in any indoor environment. Connect the display graphics together to form a large graphic display  or back drop.
Our managers, who are a friendly crowd, are here to help with any questions you may have regarding Curvorama If you have any questions or need a no obligation free quote then please call 01782 264110 or email and we will endeavor to help!

The Curvorama Aero kit includes:- 

  • 3 x 600mm wide x 2200mm high Flexible Graphic Panels
  • 2 x 600mm wide x 2200mm Straight Graphic Panels
  • 5 x pairs of legs and back bars for supporting the Curvorama graphics
  • Free Individual bags for the graphics and mechanisms
  • 1 x Holdall carry bag with shoulder straps - which is small enough to be carried as hand luggage on most commercial airlines.
  • 2 feet for stability and not visible from front.The curved stands can be convex or concave infinitely variable.
  • 600mm width can be carried onto a plane as hand luggage!
  • Graphic material is specially made to our specification to stop any edge curling and is water and tear proof.
  • When rolled into case, graphic completely protected so easily transportable.
  • Put up banner stand in a few seconds. Roll up in even less.
  • 10 year guarantee on parts.
  • 5 days delivery - same day or next day available please call 01782 264110. 


 Back of curvarama  Curvorama wheeled carry case  Curvorama Graphic bag     
 Reverse of banner stand Wheeled bag to take the complete kit just £99
 Comes complete holdall and with shoulder bag with 
instructions printed on bag. These all fit in holdall.



Curvorama pop up stand configuration Twist bundle equivelant

Banner stands can be joined together to form a pop up stand type configuration

Can also be used on shell scheme walls by buying different fixings

Flexible and can be added to at any time.


Weight: 16 kg
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