Exhibition stands – Four types of stands used at trade shows

Exhibitions stands have been used for many years at trade shows. A basic exhibition stand consists of two rods firmly affixed in the ground. The space created between the rods is used to display attractive images and graphics.

There are different types of exhibition stands available. Some of them are:

Literature stands

Literature stands are used to display different kinds of literature about the company. Literature stands resemble a book shelf with many small compartments. Brochures, catalogues, product guides, manuals and pamphlets are stocked at exhibition stands so customers have access to information. Literature stands give a professional feel to the trade booth and are excellent for the brand recall requirements of customers.

Banner stands

Banner stands are a type of exhibition stand that can be easily carried to any exhibition venue. They are small in size and hence provide ease of transportation. They are also durable and can be used many times. Banner stands are effective to use at point of purchase locations. They are great promotional tools.

Exhibition kits

These types of exhibition stands consist of many different exhibition stands and displays bought together as a complete kit. These kits can be used at conferences and trade conventions. Normal exhibition stand kits comprises of a pop up stand, roller banners, plinth stand and graphics.

Pop up stands

These exhibition stands are popular at different trade exhibitions. Pop up stands can be easily customised to suit the tastes and needs of exhibitors. They are portable and offer ease when assembling and dismantling. As they are portable, they can be easily transported and this helps to reduce transportation costs.

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