The different exhibition stands available and some of their unique features

When your company has decided to participate in a trade exhibition, you have to take care of a lot of things. Choosing the right exhibition stand for your trade display is important. You should select an exhibition stand depending on your budget and your marketing needs. Selecting the right exhibition stand can help you to maximise the benefits of attending a trade exhibition.

There are different types of exhibition stands to choose from. Some of the popular varieties of exhibition stands are as follows:

Literature stands

Literature stands are specialised types of exhibition stands that serve a particular purpose. Companies use literature stands to set up displays of different kinds of literature. A literature stand resembles a portable book-shelf. The exhibitor can place different types of literature like brochures and catalogues on these shelves.

These stands are effective in creating a long-lasting impression on trade visitors.

Traditional stands

Traditional stands have been used for years as their operation is simple and hassle-free. Traditional stands consist of 2 rods that are firmly placed in the ground. The free space created between these two rods is where the exhibit is placed. Traditional exhibition stands are still popular among exhibitors.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are versatile in their application. This makes them the preferred choice among many of the exhibitors at a trade show. There are a number of components that are attached together to create a modular display stand. Point of purchase and tabletop displays are some common types of modular display stands.

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