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Hire or buy different types of exhibition stands

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

No exhibition is complete without an exhibition stand. Exhibitors do hire these stands but often do not make proper use of them. There are many participants who opt for tried and tested methods and hire the same display stands.

Different types of exhibition stands

You can find a number of exhibition stands on the market. Some of these are; banner stands, pop up stands, literature stands and modular stands.

All the above stands are available in different sizes and shapes. These display stands can be chosen depending on your needs and budget. For instance, banner and pop up display stands are used to hang posters while literature stands are used to exhibit books, leaflets and brochures.

Why hire exhibition stands?

Exhibition stands help the exhibitors to attract the visitor’s attention by displaying products and posters in a presentable way. These stands are made up of magnetic arms or individual components that are fixed together to make a stand. They are hence easy to put up displays. You can easily transport them and use same display stands for a number of exhibitions.

Verbally explaining your product to visitors does not leave an impact on them. As there are many companies explaining almost the same product to everyone, it becomes difficult for visitors to notice each product. Exhibition stands make the recognition easier and they attract visitors as well. This is the cheapest and most profitable way of promotion compared to other factors. Hire an exhibition stand for better results at trade shows.

Some aspects to consider while buying exhibition stands

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Exhibition stands can contribute majorly to the success of an exhibition. You should select these properly to ensure everything goes smoothly. Exhibitors can get confused while buying these stands, as they are available in a wide variety of types. Some of the most popular exhibition stands are:

• Banner stands
• Pop up stands
• Twist stands
• Literature stands

If you are amongst the confused, here are three things you should consider while buying exhibition stands:

Which type do you need?

The common mistake that almost every participant makes is to select an exhibition stand just because it is commonly used in exhibitions. Understand the requirements of your products by checking the suitability of the display stand and choose one accordingly. All the stands mentioned above are used for different purposes.

Are these stands portable?

Portability is a requirement these days as most exhibitors decide to participate in more than one exhibition. The location of every exhibition varies so it becomes easier to transport portable display stands. You can store them in a kit which keeps them safe during transit.

Choose a stand with accessories

There are exhibition stands that come with internal lighting or spaces where you can attach LCD monitors and other accessories. Some stands come with additional graphics as well. You can choose these display stands if you participate in number of exhibitions or if you are hiring a double sided stand.

Here are a few options for those hiring an exhibition stand

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Are you planning to hire an exhibition stand? Are you confused about the different options available on the market? This is the case with almost every exhibitor. To find the right exhibition stand you should know about the different types and when they should be used. Here is a brief explanation about the various types of exhibition stand:

Banner stands

Banner stands are small display stands used to hang posters. You can use these stands if the space in your exhibition premises is at a premium. These stands work best when combined with other exhibition stands. Banner stands are single as well double sided hence they can be used for outdoor exhibitions as well.

Pop up stands

These stands are also used to display posters but are bigger in size compared to banner stands. 3×3, 3×4 and 3×2 are the standard sizes. Pop up display stands are available in a number of attractive shapes. These display stands can be customised and made as per the company’s requirements. The best part about these stands is that they come with extra graphics. You need not replace the stand to change the graphics.

Literature stands

Literature stands are used to hold leaflets, pamphlets and brochures. You can find these stands in many different sizes and shapes. These stands can be used to display products that if displayed on a table can look clumsy and will not be noticed by the visitors.

Modular stands

Modular exhibition stands are often used by exhibitors due to their versatility. These display stands come with number of components that are fixed together. Table top displays, point of purchase and portable displays are some commonly used modular stands.

Exhibition stands – Four types of stands used at trade shows

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Exhibitions stands have been used for many years at trade shows. A basic exhibition stand consists of two rods firmly affixed in the ground. The space created between the rods is used to display attractive images and graphics.

There are different types of exhibition stands available. Some of them are:

Literature stands

Literature stands are used to display different kinds of literature about the company. Literature stands resemble a book shelf with many small compartments. Brochures, catalogues, product guides, manuals and pamphlets are stocked at exhibition stands so customers have access to information. Literature stands give a professional feel to the trade booth and are excellent for the brand recall requirements of customers.

Banner stands

Banner stands are a type of exhibition stand that can be easily carried to any exhibition venue. They are small in size and hence provide ease of transportation. They are also durable and can be used many times. Banner stands are effective to use at point of purchase locations. They are great promotional tools.

Exhibition kits

These types of exhibition stands consist of many different exhibition stands and displays bought together as a complete kit. These kits can be used at conferences and trade conventions. Normal exhibition stand kits comprises of a pop up stand, roller banners, plinth stand and graphics.

Pop up stands

These exhibition stands are popular at different trade exhibitions. Pop up stands can be easily customised to suit the tastes and needs of exhibitors. They are portable and offer ease when assembling and dismantling. As they are portable, they can be easily transported and this helps to reduce transportation costs.

Roller banner stands – The benefits of using them for the promotion of your products

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

More and more businesses are now taking part in trade shows and exhibitions. A company cannot sit in the comfort zone and rely on tried and tested methods; it has to be innovative in order to be competitive with their rivals. There are different kinds of promotional tools available and each has their own benefits and uses. Roller banner stands are one of the most important promotional tools used in trade shows today.

Using roller banner stands is beneficial for your business as they are a cheap and effective method at garnering attention compared to other types of banner stands.

Saves space

An advantage of using roller banner stands is that they take up very little space in trade show booths. These promotional tools can be used to promote a company or a particular type of product or a range of products. These stands are portable and are hence easy to transport. The foldable parts also let your company save floor space.

Beneficial at garnering attention

Roller banner stands are available in a wide range of colours and designs. You can use your company’s logo on these stands and customise them according to the needs and requirements of your business.

An added benefit of using roller banner stands is that they are manufactured from light weight material and hence are easy to transport. They are also available in different sizes so that they can suit different requirements. For these benefits, roller banner stands are not at all expensive and this makes them perfect tools for companies of all sizes.

Smart tips and tools that make exhibition stand more effective

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Tradeshows are events aimed at promoting newly launched products and also to gain a new customer base. Exhibition stands play an important role in these trade shows as they are responsible in exhibiting the products. When used correctly, exhibition stands tend to be an effective tool for advertising and marketing. These advertising tools can easily attract the attention of people no matter where they are.

Businesses have started realising the importance of exhibition stands and hence have introduced bold colours and designs in an attempt to garner more attention. These elements make them more attractive than many other types of advertising and promotional tools. Apart from making the stand attractive by using designs and colours, businesses can also opt for different types of banner stands depending on the budget and needs.

Mentioned below are some types of banner stands that are attractive and cheap.

Pop up display stands: One of the most commonly used promotional tools, pop up display stands, are easy to assemble, easy to transport and last longer than other types of banner stands. They are made from a lightweight material, which makes them easy for transportation. It is advisable to opt for pop up display stands as they also offer space to keep your brochures and pamphlets.

Roller banner stands: Like pop up display stands, roller banner stands are also cheap and flexible. They can be set up quickly and are easy for transportation. The functionality of roller banner stands is easy as they merely have to be pulled up to open them out.

The aforementioned banner stands are advantageous for small scale industries due to their durability and affordability.

Some ideas on setting up banner stands for tradeshows

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

It is a known fact that a successful trade show stems from proper exposure of newly launched products. You will have to deal with a number of companies when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions. Attracting the majority of the visitors to your booth is half the battle won. Use banner stands as tools to market and promote your products. A well-chosen and well-designed banner will draw more visitors, providing you with greater opportunities for connection and potential sales.

Basic banner stands: Spending big on banner stands will not guarantee success; rather innovative ideas, designs and slogans will do the work. Sometimes, even the most basic forms of banner stands are effective. Try pop up display stands if the budget allocated for the trade show is not too high. These display stands are cost effective and light in weight thus making them easier to carry. These banner stands can be made attractive. The key to this is good graphics, benefits-focused phrases and useful information.

Upgraded banner stands: Trade show display stands offer unlimited banner stand upgrades to suit each and every mood and budget. A few innovative designs you can easily find today include: curved banner panels, which are similar to the basic vertical panels often used but connect together in a pleasing curved backdrop that stands out from the crowd.

Customised banner stands: If budget is not an issue for you, consider hiring exhibition stand contractors and professional designers to build and design your booth according to the needs and requirement of your company. This will help your booth stand out from the crowd and attract more visitors to your booth. Be wary when working with custom pieces and test these before heading out on the road as some customised banner stands tend to be fragile.

Exhibition stands – Four types of stands you can use

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Exhibition stands are used by all exhibitors participating in trade exhibitions. They are required to create an effective and result-oriented trade booth. There are different types of exhibition stands you can use. Some of them are explained below.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands are popular with many exhibitors as they come with a lot of options for exhibiting. A modular exhibition stand consists of many small components fitted together to create the stand. Some common types of modular exhibition stands are table-top displays, portable displays and point of purchase displays.

Traditional exhibition stands

Traditional exhibitions have been used for a long time. They operate with a simple mechanism. This stand consists of two rods firmly fixed in the ground. The space created between these two rods creates a platform to hang attractive displays. Traditional exhibition stands are still very popular.

Banner stands

These exhibition stands are growing in popularity and they allow the display to be suspended from the stand. There are many types of banner stands like cassette banners, motorised banners, roller banners and rigid banners. These stands come in a variety of styles and designs and they are easy to set up and assemble.

Pop up exhibition stands

Pop up exhibition stands are used when exhibitors want to create an artistic looking trade booth. They are portable to use and hence many businesses prefer to have pop up exhibition stands. These stands come with a lot of add-on features that enhance the overall appeal of the stand.

Exhibition displays – Some innovative ideas for effective communication

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Companies hire exhibition stands to communicate directly with their target audience. This communication should be effective and often leads to greater profits. The very first thing you need to aim for is to attract visitors to your exhibition stand. This can be done only by being unique and different from other participants. Here are a few innovative ideas to communicate with the visitors:

Organise contests

Organising contests is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors. This will not only grab their attention but will also involve them mentally and physically. It becomes easier to reach them when their interest is already developed.

Give demonstrations

Demonstrations again engage the visitor and give them an actual idea of what the product is. If you just explain the product verbally, the probability of forgetting the description is quite high as visitors will be exposed to many other products in the exhibition. Demonstrating the product makes it easier for the visitors to believe in what you say.

Free gifts

Visitors are always interested in free gifts, so try to distribute things that will interest them as well as help you boost sales. For instance, you can give sample products with a small booklet providing information about the product.

Importance of using display stands at exhibitions and trade shows

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Companies all over the world have started using different kinds of business tools that can help to advertise and promote products and services. These business tools help companies to reach out to a larger audience with ease.

Display stands are one of the best forms of product promotion in the present environment. This is because display stands are great at grabbing attention – an important requirement for a growing business. Display stands are commonly used in trade shows and exhibitions to garner the attention of visitors. This creates brand awareness and helps the business to a great extent.

In addition to this, display stands can offer a few other benefits as well. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

Gain visitor attention: With the help of bright colours and designs, banner stands can make your trade show booth attractive. Most exhibitions have hundreds of other companies exhibiting their products and services; using display stands makes it easier to stand out in a crowd of similar companies.

Uniqueness: Display stands should be designed according to the needs and requirements of your business. Opt for banner stands that are customisable. These display stands allow each company to be unique as compared to others. When companies are unique, potential customers are sure to notice them more, ensuring publicity and business.

It is often tricky to opt for a display stands as they are available in different types and designs. Hire exhibitions stand contractors to ensure that your company gets the right type of display stand.