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Roller banner stands- the facts

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

You may be aware of the escalating costs associated with participating in an exhibition. You need to make some investments if you want to establish a strong presence at the exhibition, and getting the right accessories can help you to achieve success.

Exhibition stands play an important role in creating the right impact on visitors, so selecting the right exhibition stand is extremely important. Roller banner stands in particular can give your business a boost as they are very eye catching.

Roller banner stands- uses

Roller banner stands can help to create interest in your trade booth and they are effective in highlighting special offers, services and products which your company may be offering.

Benefits of hiring a graphic designer

You need to hire a good graphic designer in order to make an impact at your exhibition. If you hire a professional to design your stand, then you have a greater chance of success at your exhibition, and the fees which you pay to the designer will be money well spent. The market is full of different types of roller banner stands, so before making a choice, consider all of the most important factors like your budget and your marketing goals.

Roller banner stands are a fantastic way of standing head and shoulders above the competition at your next exhibition.

Exhibition stands- should you hire or buy one?

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Participating in a trade shows can provide many lucrative opportunities. However, there are a lot of things which need to be planned in advance before participating in a large trade show. You need to have the necessary accessories to market your products effectively at the exhibition. One of these tools is exhibition stands.

Creating effective display stands

All companies want to create attractive and bold display stands to stand out from the crowd. A major decision which companies have to make is whether to buy a display stand or hire one. What you decide to do will depend on your marketing goals as well as your available budget.

Hiring exhibition stands

If you have decided to hire an exhibition stand, you don’t have to worry about setting up and dismantling the stand as the exhibition stand contractor may help to look after everything.

Buying exhibition stands

If you have decided to purchase an exhibition stand, you do not have to depend on stand contractors to provide you with display stands every time you need one, which makes it very convenient.

Think about how often you will be using the stand then decide accordingly.

Different types of display stands- which type should you select?

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Participating in an exhibition requires an impressive stand. Display stands are a vital part of your trade booth.

What are display stands?

Display stands are deigned to visually portray your services or products, and come in various sizes, features and costs.

Once you have rented your exhibition space you then need to design an appropriate display stand. Display stands utilise bold graphics and attractive text to attract the audience. Once you have attracted visitors to visit your booth, you can proceed with your sales pitch and also hand out literature to them.

There are different types of display stands available. Some of them are:

Tabletop displays- Tabletop displays are easy to set up and don’t require additional manpower for installation, which makes them great for those who don’t have spare resources.

Pop-up displays- Pop up displays use graphic sheets which are connected to a roller on which the display rests. Pop-up display stands are lightweight so they can be easily transported to different exhibition venues.

Modular display stands- Modular display stands are also very lightweight and are very versatile.

Think carefully about your display stand needs and pick the perfect type.

Trade exhibitions – How do they benefit your business?

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Your company should be aware of the various benefits that can be gained by participating in a trade show convention. Many companies have realised that attending trade shows and exhibitions is one way of getting more customers.

Your exhibition stands play an important role. Selecting the right exhibition stand will ensure you get the benefits from your participation.

Why attend trade shows?

Trade exhibitions are a good way to reach out to the audience. The people that attend trade exhibitions are different from your normal customers. If your product is good, they can be advocates for your brand. This is the audience you would never come across if you do not participate in a trade show. Apart from these, here are few more benefits of participating in a trade show.

Different audiences

People attending trade conventions vary in their needs and interests. Some are looking for brand new products while some simply want to review different products on display.

Promotional items

At the exhibition, you can give away promotional items like ink pens, notepads and diaries. These products can promote your company in a subtle yet effective manner.


You can organise contests and sweepstakes at the exhibition. The winning amount can be small or a significant one. People always love to win something.

Sell products

You can also sell your products at the exhibition. This means that you can fulfil two tasks at one time – displaying your products and making sales.

Distribute literature

You can give away literature to your trade visitors. This can be brochures, catalogues and product manuals. This will aid in better recall of your products after the exhibition. You can also use literature exhibition stands for this purpose.

Participate in different shows

You can participate in different trade exhibitions in different parts of the world. This gives you a wide exposure and better understanding of the tastes of cross-country customers.

Participating in an exhibition for the first time?

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Companies participate in an exhibition to create awareness and promote their products amongst the target audience. There are many companies who participate and compete for the target audience’s attention. To stand out in this competition and attract the visitors to your company’s exhibition stand you should follow the few tips given below:

Choose an appropriate display stand

Display stands should be chosen according to the product’s needs. Wrong selection of display stands can ruin your presentation. There are a number of different stands available:

1. Banner stands
2. Pop-up stands
3. Literature stands
4. Table top stands

Each stand is suitable for different types of products. You cannot display leaflets and brochures on a table top display stand. Literature stands will give these leaflets an organised look.

Innovative ideas

Every company participating in an exhibition will be trying new ideas to attract visitors. Do not settle on any standard exhibition stand and opt for new and innovative ideas. Including lighting and adding props to your exhibition display stands are a few ways to attract visitors. Product demonstration and free sample distribution are also sure ways that attract visitors to your display stand.

A first time participant should opt for simple but innovative displays. A combination of display stands is a cost effective but attractive way to display things. For instance, one can use pop up stands for displays with table top stands that are used for product demonstration. This will restrict your exhibition to being informative and effective without investing a large amount of money.

Participate in trade exhibitions – Give your sales a boost

Friday, August 27th, 2010

There are many benefits of attending trade shows. Some of these are:

Affordable advertising

Exhibiting at a trade exhibition is a cost-effective way of promoting your company and business. The high costs of advertising through conventional channels have made many businesses look for alternative methods of advertising. Exhibition stands can make the right impact on trade visitors by showing them your products efficiently. This impact created by exhibition stands can sometimes also surpass the advantages offered by advertising through print or broadcast media.

Target audience

Trade exhibitions are conducted throughout the year at different locations. These exhibitions have regular visitors who have an interest in a specific industry. Trade exhibitions draw huge crowds which fall under the demographics of your target audience. This significantly increases the chances that your products will be viewed by the right audience. There is a lot of wastage in traditional advertising which sometimes results in the message being viewed by the wrong audience. This is not the case with trade exhibitions.


Trade exhibitions provide an excellent platform for you to interact with your potential as well as current customers. Customers, exhibitors and suppliers can interact with each other and this helps to clear any misconceptions and support business links. As an exhibitor, you can also answer customer queries, take product orders and also be open to customer feedback. Your sales staff can also play a major role in attracting the attendees with the right sales pitch and approachable body language. Even if the visitor does not buy your product, he/she has become a positive lead for you.

Some aspects to consider before participating in a trade exhibition

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Participating in a trade exhibition comes with its own risks. And, your company should plan each step well in advance when thinking of participating in a trade show. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should plan a fresh campaign when participating in a new exhibition. What works for one exhibition may be unproductive for another exhibition.

Conduct some research

Your company can start by conducting research on the popularity of a specific exhibition and its history. Doing relevant research on the matter will help you visualise the demographics of the people attending the trade show. It will also help you know the benefits and drawbacks of the exhibition location in attracting the right crowd.

Plan in advance

If you plan and conceptualise well in advance, you will stay one step ahead of your competitors. You do not want to miss an opportunity to sideline your rivals. Advance planning also helps when you want to make any last minute changes or want to order additional accessories for your exhibition.

Rational goals

You should always set realistic goals to be achieved from your trade show participation. Setting practical goals also help to motivate your sales staff who will feel motivated to perform rather than working under pressures to meet targets.

Professionally designed displays

It is always beneficial to hire professionals to design and create your exhibition displays and stands. A creative looking exhibition stand will give you a competitive edge and also attract a large amount of trade visitors. Creating impressive customer-friendly exhibition displays will also generate incremental sales for your company.

At a trade exhibition, you have the golden opportunity to interact with your existing as well as your potential customers face to face. You should pay heed to their grievances and complaints, if any. Your customers can also examine the products in a real time environment so the feedback that they offer can be really useful for you in the long run.

How to choose the perfect exhibition stand for your trade show?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

When your company is considering participating in a trade exhibition, there are many things that have to be decided upon. But to ensure that your participation is a success, you have to ensure that you have the right exhibition stand.

Designing the trade booth

In a trade exhibition, the trade booth you design is like a window for your company. Visitors attending the exhibition will judge you and your company by the trade booth that you have set up. Using simple yet effective exhibition stands for your trade booth can really do the trick.

The purpose of participating in a trade show

Participating in a trade exhibition is done with the sole purpose of increasing your sales. This is why the accessories you use should do the sales pitch for you. There are different kinds of exhibition stands that you can choose from. These include modular display stands, banner stands and pop-up stands.

Working to a tight budget

If you need to watch how much you spend, pop up stands are ideal for you. Pop up stands can be changed according to the different needs and requirements of your company. They come with innovative graphic displays that help to impart the intended message to the audience in an effective manner.

The benefits of pop up stands

Pop-up stands can effectively advertise your products. As they do not require a lot of manpower to be installed, they are cost-effective and can reduce expense. Pop-up display stands are also available in different types. Consider the features of each exhibition stand and choose one which meets your requirements appropriately.

Display stands can increase the revenue of your business

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Competition exists in all occupations. In this intense and volatile market, businesses need to develop and evolve as times progress. New and innovative ideas need to be constantly developed in order to stay ahead of your rivals.

You can improve your business with effective business strategies. And, giving importance to exhibitions can gain a new customer base for your business.

Exhibitions play an important role in gaining a new customer base for your business. Thus investing in display stands is a good marketing strategy.

The benefits of hiring or purchasing a display stand

Display stands can make a trade show look attractive and show off the products on display to the visitors. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using a display stand:


Display stands are cheap and easy to use. If your company is working to a tight budget, you can opt to hire an exhibition stand rather than buying one.

Ease when travelling

Certain types of business stands are lighter than others which makes them portable. Such display stands are beneficial for companies that organise multiple exhibitions. Assembling and dismantling them is also easy due to the light weight nature of these stands.

There are many types of display stands available in the market. So you can choose the right one according to the needs of your business and budget. Do your research and invest in the right stand to make your exhibition a success. Do not hesitate to try new ideas as these may prove to be beneficial.

4 advantages of attending a trade show convention

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Many companies have realised that attending trade shows and exhibitions boosts their business. There are various other benefits your company can gain by attending trade conventions and exhibitions. For instance, trade shows are industry specific. If your company specialises in bathroom fittings, then it makes sense to attend exhibitions that focus on home interiors or preferably sanitary hardware.

Following are some of the advantages of attending exhibitions or trade shows:

1. Wider audience

A trade show is an excellent way to reach to a wider target audience. Reaching out to this audience would never be possible if you do not attend exhibitions. You can also get a more segmented audience with trade shows or exhibitions.

2. Target audience

The audience attending a trade show is completely different from your company’s regular audience. People who attend trade shows always look for innovative products. Some of them are looking for companies who can provide cushion-backing for their products and help them increase sales for their product.

3. Giveaways

At an exhibition, you have the opportunity to give freebies to the visitors. Giveaways are a great way to create awareness about your product offerings. You can also conduct competitions and quizzes for the trade audiences at the exhibitions. You can either give big prizes or small prizes. The audiences would not mind as long as they are winning something. They will also remember your company through such personal interactions.

4. Promotional items

You can distribute promotional goods at the exhibitions. Items like pens, notepads and diaries can be distributed among the audience.

Distributing literature about your company can also help your business prospects. You can give business cards, brochures, leaflets and manuals to the visitors. It is a good way of familiarising your company among the masses.

You can also assign sales staff to promote your products. This way you can market your products and generate sales as well.