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What kind of exhibition stand should you choose for your next show?

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The variety of stands that you could choose will depend on your requirements like where and for what you want to use it for. They come in all sizes and in a range of stand designs.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are known for their flexibility. This offers you the chance to design the stand according to the space available. They may come with shelves, hooks to hang products for display or even screens to show a video or presentation. You can customise these stands yourself or ask your exhibition stand contractor to do so for you.

Pop-up display stands

In this competitive world, you must make use of every advertising opportunity that comes your way. You should be equipped with the necessary promotional tools with pop up display stands being very effective for your business because of their weightless nature and portability. You can also opt for some add-ons to your pop up stands like lighting and other items that maximise the output.

Banner stands

Banner stands are also great exhibition displays. They can be placed on top of the floor or you can choose to hang them anywhere you want. Banner stands are portable and are available in many different types to put your point across.

How exhibition displays can be beneficial

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

The main aim of participating in a trade or exhibition show is to attract the attention of the prospects, while showcasing your company and its product. The benefits of using exhibition show displays can be numerous for both small and big businesses attending a trade show.

Customise them

You can customise your exhibition show display to stand out from the rest. Customising it using various colours and the company logo are a few options available for impressive graphics. Modular exhibition displays also offer an exciting variety of displays.

Some smart tips

Choosing an exhibition display will be easier once you attend shows where the trade show experts are present. Pay a visit to shows that are attended by the ‘big brothers’ of your industry and try to learn something new for your display every time you visit a stand.

Pop up exhibition displays have the distinct ability to attract the interest of the prospects and always help in creating a good impression. Through such effective marketing strategies and selling techniques, potential clients will want to know more about what you have to offer.

These pop up displays are usually made from different kind of materials. You can choose from plastic, fabric or vinyl. They can be easily transported by just a single person, as they are light in weight .Graphics are undoubtedly a vital part of any display and you can use all your creative skills in this area or enlist the help of professionals.

A good exhibition stand can bring you a lot of customers

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Every company that participates in an exhibition show comes with the motive of standing out differently from their competitors and making new customers. To achieve this goal, you will need an exhibition stand to fit perfectly into the place allotted to you.

Be acknowledged

An effective exhibition stand can act as a significant catalyst for your company to be noticed. If you are choosing a custom made modular exhibition stand, you are on your way to a great display.

Pop up stands can make a difference

Pop up stands with effective graphics will be all that you need in some scenarios. Pop up stands are light in weight and are long lasting. You can even change the graphic banners depending on the event.

Make the most of the space

The space allotted to you will determine the set up of your exhibition with respect to the shape of the stall or stand. Make sure that there is no clutter and make an impact by making your stand welcoming.

Irrespective of the type of exhibition stand you have, try to use eye catching graphics and smart slogans. The graphics and slogans you use should be intelligently highlighted.

Incorporate valuable messages in your design and let people know that you are there as a serious professional business. This can give you many important leads to increase your customer base.

Banner stands – The right tools for trade shows

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Exhibitions are an important place for advertising and promoting your company and products. It is crucial for your stall to present something unique if you want to get noticed amongst your competitors. Using a banner stand is one effective way of grabbing the attention of the crowd. You can easily be noticed with the help of a striking trade show banner. Banner stands can be used either as a simple display or as a stand alone advertisement.

Light weight banner stands

Banner stands are light in weight and have aluminium or plastic components. This makes them easily portable. They can also be easily assembled and disassembled.

Banner stands double the space

Depending on the display size, the banner stands will be able to double the area of your trade stall by separating other tables. If you want to make the most of your marketing strategy and enhance your display, you can use additional accessories such as pop up stands, tabletop displays, modular displays and panel display units.

The best promotional tools

Banner stands are the most effective way of promoting your business. You can personalise banners using logos and encouraging quotes. The different types of banner stands are the outdoor, retractable, and scrolling stands. Most of these are flexible and can hold banners of any size and shape.

Make sure that you use the best banner stand at your next exhibition and reap its many benefits.

Advertise your business in a unique way with banner stands

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

If you are searching for suitable display stands for upcoming events or exhibitions then banner stands are the perfect choice. One of the best things about banner stands is that they are very easy to set up. This means that you do not have to waste time erecting your banner stand. They are perfect for businesses to advertise their products and services in the market.

The structural details of banner display stands

Banner stands can be manufactured to hold several banners together. These stands have metal frames which are available in different shapes such as X and L. All these shapes have their beneficial features, so you can choose one according to the nature and size of the event. Banner stands also have easily adjustable screws which are used to tighten the banners that are attached to the stands.

Banner stands also have aluminium poles which support the banner perfectly.

What factors to consider when designing banners?

First of all, you need to make sure that your business product and service information is printed properly on the banner. These details can be highlighted in bold letters. To grab the attention of the people who are present at the show you can also use bright colours and attractive graphics. Also, by printing special offers, you can attract more visitors to your stand.

Other than at shows or events, you can also use banner stands in retail stores and road side events.

Pop up stands and roller banners are fantastic display items

Friday, June 25th, 2010

You will surely find many prospective customers to whom you can pitch your products to at an exhibition show. It is necessary to look professional but at the same time different from others. So, if you want to make an impact on your prospects, make use of pop up stands and roller banners. Here are some effective tips on making full use of them.

Pop up stands give a very professional look and can be assembled swiftly without any hassle. The pop up stand should contain a roller banner which will contain the graphics. Remember that graphics need to be eye catching in order to convey the message to the customer or prospect. You can also use appropriate slogans and your logo on the banner.

Try to keep the message simple and limited. Make sure that you display only selective information. If a customer or a visitor would like to know more about your products, they may come and ask you.

Ensure that you have detailed information that you can hand over to potential clients, like a brochure or leaflet. Your support staff should be trained and should be able to answer the clients. They should be successful in branding the company.

There are many exhibition stand contractors who will help you with designing an exhibition stand and help you to set up one. It is best to get their help, especially if you are participating in a very big exhibition.

Display stands – Promote your products in a subtle yet effective manner

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Display stands are a very attractive way of gaining customers and increasing your sales. They can in fact attract many different types of visitors. This is one reason why you must make your display stand attractive and eye-catching. Display stands come in various types, shapes, sizes, styles and designs. And they may include graphic kits, pop-up banners, fabric kits, table top displays and trade show truss systems.

With such a variety to choose from, each of them has their own distinct features that distinguish them from each other. All the display stands available today are highly defined, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of the convenience that they provide. They not only look attractive, they can also create a strong impact.

Display stands are also very flexible and portable which makes them very easy to handle. It does not take too much time to put up a banner nor to dismantle it. Most also consist of aluminum frames which make them extremely strong.

Choosing the right display stand is very important for your business. So you need to do some research in order to get the best stand for your exhibition. If you have to visit many shows over the year and you need to travel to different places with your banner, then there are different portable display banners that are available to choose from.

Enhance your exhibition and make it a success with the help of exhibition display stands.

The functionality of banner stands

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It is important for companies to opt for effective but cheaper ways to popularise and promote their newly launched products or services in the market. For this purpose, businesses can opt for banner stands. The features of banner stands differ from other types of exhibition stands. Comparatively, banner stands are easier to install and uninstall. They are extremely effective for conveying your business message at events such as sales, seasonal fairs, trade shows and exhibitions.

Banner stands make it possible to set up an advertising or marketing unit within a time frame of only a few seconds. Using banner stands you will be able to present at your booth in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, your competitors will take lots of time just to install their complex structures.

Banner stands can attract people towards your booth. They are manufactured using light weight materials and hence are convenient to use at many different exhibitions. Moreover, these stands are durable as well as reusable and hence they can be used for many years.

When you buy a banner stand it will come with a case. Banner stands easily fit into their case and can be stored for many years without being damaged due to light or dust.

You can opt for a banner stand if you participate at different promotional, advertising or marketing events like trade shows or exhibitions as they are easy to use, attractive and a cost effective tool.

Portable display stands are a smarter alternative

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

There are many types of portable display stands available on the market. They are flexible and easy to carry and this makes them a popular choice. These display stands are really versatile and that means you can use them for a huge range of events.

You do not have to spend a lot of money for a display stand. A simple display stand or a roller banner stand can help you attract many visitors. You can use these display stands to portray your various products to your potential customers and this is a great way of increasing sales. Roller display stands work well as they take very little space and can be easily placed near the exit points of your stall.

Another convenient option would be to use pop up displays. You can customise your pop up stand and use various accessories to decorate it. Pop up stands can easily be assembled and are portable. Pop up stands can be as long as 8 feet and can easily draw the crowds to your stand.

The prices of such portable stands depend on the accessories that come along with them. These pop up stands are made from aluminium and carbon fibre materials making them durable but lightweight.

Choose your portable display stands wisely based on your budget and requirements and enjoy a successful exhibition.

Choose the best display stand for your exhibition

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Displays stands are an essential part of any exhibition. They are a great tool for business promotion. Your exhibition stall has to look the most attractive and eye-catching in order for it to attract the right attention. There are different types of display stands to choose from available on the market; brochure display stands, pop-up display stands, rotating display stands, table top display stands, etc.

Pop-up display stands:

They are easy to use and simple to handle. They can draw the attention of viewers very easily. They are usually between 8 to 10 feet long. There are many designs that are available that are very creative, innovative and also reusable.

Rotating display stands:

As the name says, these display stands rotate while displaying information, which is very eye-catching. These display stands highlight your products and services in a very professional way. You can make your exhibition stall look really attractive by using rotating display stands.

Banner display stands:

Using banner stands, you can display the name of your company. They are really attractive and eye catching, meaning that you can grab the attention of a huge number of people. Your banner stands must be very striking and attractive so that people can understand the message on them in seconds.

Table-top display stands:

They are very popular at trade shows and are available in various sizes. Table-top display stands are affordable and an ideal option for smaller booths. You can display your products and present them in an attractive way even in a small amount of space.