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Why are pop up stands termed as a wise investment?

Friday, April 30th, 2010

These days, pop up stands are becoming very popular. They are now widely used by small as well as large companies to exhibit their goods and services. Pop up stands are flexible in nature hence they can be useful to many organisations and businesses such as leisure centres, libraries, schools and charities.

Due to the various features that pop up stands offer, they are known as the perfect type of equipment for exhibitions and trade shows. For a bigger impact, you can even link two pop up stands.

Buying pop up stands is a wise investment because of the following reasons:

1) Weight:

Pop up stands are light in weight. They can even be folded and this feature of pop up stands makes them very convenient to transport and to store. Pop up stands also need fewer people to move them from one place to another compared to traditional exhibition stands.

2) Installation and dismantle time:

The number of people needed and the length of time required to install and dismantle traditional exhibition stands is one of their biggest problem. However, pop stands can be installed as well as dismantled by one individual. These pop up stands can also be reused at other events just by changing their graphics.

Whether it is for outdoor marketing use or for your reception space, pop up stands offer the flexibility and versatility that you need. They are quite affordable hence you can enjoy many benefits at a low cost. Because of these reasons, pop up stands are in great demand and are commonly used at trade shows and exhibitions.

The role of banner stands in marketing and advertising

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

In today’s competitive market, stylish banner stands can help you in many ways. Today, many businesses are facing growing numbers of competitors, which include large businesses. Therefore, it is very important to market your newly launched products or services.

When it comes to marketing, banner stands can make a great impact on your potential customers and on people passing by. They also play an important role in giving a new look to your goods and helping to differentiate your business from others. When it comes to marketing, banner stands can be used to display your products and services in order to attract a potential customer’s attention.

Banner stands offer lots of benefits. First of all, they can be reused. For instance, banner stands used in one trade show can be used in another tradeshow just by changing the poster.

Another great benefit of banner stands is their portability. They can be easily folded and stored in a small box to move from one place to another quickly and easily. Banner stands are available in different materials and styles, so the can choose stands that are perfect for you.

Banner stands are an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of all these reasons, banner stands are very widely used in marketing and advertising.

Where can you utilise banner stands?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

One of the most effective tools around today is banner stands. These stands can be used at various places for various purposes. Some of the places where banner stands can be used are as follows:

1) Exhibitions and trade shows:
Big banner stands look very smart and attractive at exhibitions and trade shows. Generally, it they are used for launching a company’s goods and services. However, they can also be used to highlight the achievements and successes of the company. Banner stands are an effective way of attracting visitors towards a trade show booth.
2) Inside Stores:
Banner stands are very important for decorating the interior of shops. Banner stands can be used to highlight special offers and products in the store, and they can be placed anywhere as they are easy to move.

Banner stands are very easy to use. They are light in weight and can also be folded. Practically anybody can easily install and dismantle these stands, and although they are generally used for indoor purposes, they are strong and sturdy enough to withstand exterior environments.

Use banner stands if you want to promote your company’s products and services in an effective and economical way.

Market your products easily with banner stands

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Marketing is basically about making a connection between your potential customers and the products and services that you offer. Marketing takes many different forms.

We are surrounded with different marketing means: radio, television, internet ads, magazines, promotional brochures and billboards. Often, ads are also displayed on taxis, buses and trains. However, advertising through all these means can be quite expensive. If you are looking to advertise your brand in the most effective manner, opting for display means such as banner stands, exhibition displays and pop-up stands is a wise decision.

Exhibition displays and banner stands are often used in special events like exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, road shows etc for promoting the existing and upcoming products offered by a company. Banner stands are one of the most effective, popular and economical means to convey your message across your target audience.

Banner stands, as their name suggests, are devices that hold a poster or banner in position. Banner stands makes it quite easy for companies to get maximum visibility of their products and services. They are available in many different types, styles and sizes. This enables you to choose the right one depending on your requirements.

The compact and lightweight nature of banner stands enable users to easily carry them from one place to another. So, if you want to market your products in the best way, banner stands are the perfect solutions.

Get yourself noticed with banner stands

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Whether you own a retail shop or attend a trade show or exhibition, banner stands can greatly help you to grab the attention of your prospective customers. Anyone who has studied advertising will tell you that capturing the minds and eyes of customers is very important to lure mass audiences towards your trade show booth and this is what you need to consider when choosing banner stands.

Different types of banner stands are available to suit your requirements. Roll up banner stands, portable banner stands and pop up banner stands are some of the types of banner stands to choose from. They are lightweight, compact, easy to install and use. Banner stands and exhibition displays are ideal for outdoor events like festivals, sports events, parades, trade shows and exhibitions.

When participating in trade events like exhibitions and road shows, it is important to display and promote your products and services in the best way. If you want to attract potential customers towards your trade show booth and you are on a low budget, banner stands are the most economical ways of doing this.

Banner stands can have a huge impact on your customers and they can easily display information about your products and services. Using banner stands, you can easily notify visitors of any special offers and promotions. And a neatly printed banner with well placed graphics and bright colours can greatly help to grab attention of viewers.

So, if you want to get your brand noticed in a trade show or exhibition, using banner stands is the best solution.

Make exclusive presentations for exhibition shows with banner stands

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

If you are planning to advertise your business products and services in exhibition shows and events then you need to get appropriate display stands. Nowadays, different types of display stands have been introduced on the market. This includes modular stands, pop up stands and banner stands. Out of them all, many exhibitors all over the world prefer buying banner stands as they are attractive.

If you want to gain an edge over other advertisers and marketers then install banner stands, as they help to grab people’s attention. Banner stands are simple but have a lot of space to hang colourful and informative banners on them.

Why use banner stands in your next exhibition?

Banner display stands are marketing tools which help in advertising your products effectively. They are designed in such a way that they can be transported easily from one event to another. Moreover, installing and dismantling them is also very easy. Banner stands are known for being versatile, which means that they can be used for different events and shows.

Banner display stands are available in different sizes. There are stands which can only support a single banner and there are also stands that can hold several banners. One of the best things about banner stands is that they are also available in custom designs for particular products.

When designing banners though, you need to use appropriate graphics and word art which help in attracting more people.

How pop up stands can promote your brand

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

If you want to promote your business and increase sales then make sure that you take part in different exhibition shows. By participating in exhibitions and trade shows, you can easily achieve your targets and increase your customer base. In any exhibition show, display stands play an important role as they help in presenting your business products well.

Nowadays, you will see that most business owners are using three main types of display stands such as banner stands, pop up stands and modular stands. All these stands are designed in different ways, they help in fulfilling different needs. Currently, pop up stands are seen in many exhibitions and trade shows as they offer various benefits to exhibitors.

One of the best things about pop up stands is that they are flexible, which means that they can be used in large as well as small events. By installing these stands in your exhibition show, you can easily promote your brand and get the message across effectively.

Why pop up stands are gaining popularity

Pop up stands offer portability as they are lightweight. This feature allows you to move them from one event to another easily. So, you can use these stands on two different shows on the same day. Other than this, pop up stands can also be installed and dismantled very easily and quickly.

Attract more customers, suppliers and clients with the help of pop up display stands.

Buy appropriate banner display stands for your exhibitions

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Banner display stands are preferred by most business owners these days as they play a significant role in trade shows and events. At present, manufacturers have come up with different banner display stands to meet your needs. If you are buying banner display stands then consider two main factors such as the size and design of the banners.

Banner stands are simple looking stands which have space to hang attractive banners that help in grabbing the attention of customers. The main aim of these stands is to display a marketing message, advertise products, while displaying a company’s name and logo. While selecting banner stands, you need to make sure that they are big enough to present to the people present at the show.

Banner display stands are available in different sizes

Currently, you will see different banner stands which range in size. One of the best things about banner stands is that they have various extensions which can make them larger. You can choose the size of the banner stand which suits the nature of your event. Other than this, you also need to consider your budget, the number of people attending the show and number of vendors participating at the event.

Two main types of banner display stands
Banner stands are available in two different types such as traditional banner stands and roll up banner stands. The traditional one is a mounted piece which has enough space for hanging banners. Roll up banner stands have a container where you can easily unroll the banners. These stands also have a rod which helps in holding the banners appropriately.

Modular and pop up stands are perfect for all your future exhibitions

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

In the past, exhibition display stands were very simple and were made up of rods and a base. At present, manufacturers have introduced different display stands which not only help in displaying products but can also attract customers. Modular and pop up display stands are the two main types of stand that are commonly used by exhibitors.

Nowadays, display stands are also available in different sizes, styles and colours. So, you can buy the one which suits your needs and the nature of the event. Here is some information about modular and pop up display stands:

Modular display stands
– These stands are known for their versatility which means that they are perfect for different types of shows and events. Modular display stands have different accessories such as shelves, video screens and product hooks. These items help you to display your products in different ways. Modular display stands are also available in different types such as portable office screens, panel and pole displays and table top displays.

Pop up display stands – Nowadays, pop up stands are also seen in most of the exhibition shows and events as they are flexible and portable in nature. These features allow you to transport these stands from one place to another. Thus, you can take your stands to different events on the same day. Pop up stands also come with bags, cases and lighting systems which helps in fulfilling various needs. These stands are also available in different types such as pop-up banners, fabric kits and tower pop-ups.

Keep in mind your budget when choosing a banner display

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Exhibition banner stands are common promotional strategies used by various companies and organisations to ensure better business and establish their brand names in the market. There are various types of banner stands available for different budgets.

Economical Banner stands

These are the cheapest method of exhibiting your products and services. They come in sizes of 800mm or 850mm wide x 2 metres tall. Since they are the most economical type of banner stands they are preferred by many small time business ventures. If you are concerned about your budget then this is the best choice for you.

Standard Banner stands

These banner stands are easily available and also affordable. They come in sizes of 850mm x 2m. If maintained properly you can reuse these stands as they are durable in nature. They are highly functional and help you display your products and services aptly. These banner stands are the standard type and are easily available in the marketplace.

Expensive Banner stands

As the name suggests, some banner stands can be expensive. They have lots of different features and are extremely practical and durable in nature. These are durable in nature and can be reused many times. If you are concerned about your brand name then this type of banner stand is an ideal choice for you. They are the best banner stands currently available.

Invest in the right banner stand to improve your business and reach the top of the sales ladder.