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Two main types of banner stands that offer various features

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Nowadays, you will find that most exhibitors are opting for banner display stands as they help in promoting their business. If you are planning to take part in an exhibition then consider buying banner display stands. At the time of buying, you will see that they are available in two main types: retractable and portable banner stands.

Retractable banner stands

These stands are also known as roll-up stands. They look great and help in attracting a greater number of visitors. With these stands, printed banners are installed into a retractable unit. This means that they can be easily carried from one place to another. Due to these features, these stands are considered to be the easiest and most convenient to use. Generally, retractable banner stands have a spring loaded base which helps in retracting and opening the stand. At present, you will find two types of retractable banner stands – motorised and double sided stands.

Portable banner display stands

These display stands are known for their portability, which means that they can be transported from one event to another. Telescopic stands are available in different heights, which means that they are perfect for different size banners. The stands are light in weight and can be easily folded into a small case.

Types of exhibition display stands

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Promoting the products or services of any company requires the right kind of display stand. Any organisation trying to reach a particular target audience ought to make use of display stands. These marketing tools are responsible for the success or failure of the event.

There are several types of display stands that help in enhance your trade show presence.

Different types of display stands:

Prior to picking a display stand, consider the area in which it would be placed, the space available and the display content.

Table top display stand

This is tri-fold display stand that balances on a typical display table. You can find these kinds of stands in various sizes and they are reasonably priced.

Banner display stand

Banner display stands are tall, narrow displays. These types of stands are usually purchased in pairs and kept on either side of the trade show booth. The display content of these stands will either be the product name or company name and logo. These stands are popular as they draw attention and make an impact.

Pop-up floor display stand

Pop-up floor display stands can be set up very easily. They come in a huge variety of styles and designs to suit your needs. Custom designing a pop-up display with your own branding is a fantastic way of making your booth stand out.

Make the most of your trade show appearances

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Businessmen and -women are well aware of the importance attached to marketing in to encourage sales and profits. A lot of money is spent on advertising to make people aware of their product. Any tool that contributes to increasing the visibility of a product therefore requires some attention. Exhibition stands are among the most effective.

In order to get ahead in a chosen field, businesses have to appeal to their target audience. Taking this idea further, they must appeal more than their competitors. Creating a favourable impression is the chief concern of successful marketers. Getting people’s attention and keeping it is something you can achieve by using exhibition stands creatively.

Choose a display stand that can bear you company’s name and logo. This is crucial to building your brand image. Marketers put a great deal of thought into making their company graphics appealing and your display stand is the perfect way of demonstrating the effect of that image.

Take advantage of the footfall you can expect at a trade show dedicated to your niche. With a confident display at a show, you can demonstrate that your company is an authority in its field and that your potential customers can draw great benefit from the products and services it offers.

Retractable banner stands for convenience and portability

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Banner stands are excellent pieces of equipment that contribute to the success of your trade show participation. These types of display stands are useful in attracting the attention of customers and other businesses. There are a number of banner stands on the market, including stationary stands and retractable stands.


Retractable can be assembled within a few minutes and have the ability to support a range of appropriately sized banners. The installation is very simple. You simply place a pole into the unit containing the banner, before stretching the banner itself out and hooking it into place. Only one member of staff is usually require to carry out the installation.

These types of banner stands are also known as roll up banner stands because of the way they roll back into their casing after use, in the manner of a tape measure. The stands are lightweight and are among the best display stands to go for if portability is one of your primary concerns.

If you are looking to use the same stand to advertise a different product in the future, then you will be pleased to know that you can swap the banners on these stands, without having to buy a whole new stand.

Getting the right exhibition display is very important

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Getting the right exhibition display for your exhibition, trade show or a company event can be a difficult task. Most marketing exhibitions and business events require participating companies to display and advertise their company logos and their products and services in order to generate custom. Using customised banner stands and exhibition displays lets consumers know who you are and what you can do for them.

At events such as trade shows and exhibitions there will be many companies showcasing their products and services using different advertising mediums. As many people often visit trade shows and exhibitions to gain knowledge about upcoming and existing products offered by a company, it is important to display your brand in an appropriate manner.

Prior to choosing the right equipment for your exhibition displays, you need to do a lot of researching, planning and designing. The type of exhibition display that you select will help to determine how you will be presenting your brand at the exhibition. Think about how you can interact with your display stand to create maximum impact.

While some exhibition displays can be simple banner stands or pop-up display stands, others can take the form of projectors, interactive screens or graphic displays. You can even use brochure holders, particularly if you are looking to appeal to a wide audience.

Exhibition stands are effective as advertising tools

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in an organisation’s efforts generate sales. Most business owners are aware of this fact. A lot of money is spent on creating advertising and promotional tools in order to make the right impression. To make the products and services of a company familiar, marketing and advertising tools such as exhibition stands are very important.

Exhibition stands are not at all costly and can be found in various types. For very reasonable prices, you can expect a stand that will do justice to the products you are trying to market. They create a lasting impact on potential customers, providing that you put some thought and effort into your exhibition design.

Attending exhibitions and trade shows gives you a unique opportunity to come face to face with your target audience. However, you must remember that the show is likely to brimming with competitors, so you need to stand out. The only way you can do this is by employing the use of effective display stands.

Use graphics and multimedia displays to give your stand the edge and make sure that your company name and logo are visible to potential customers at all times.

Tips for using graphics on an exhibition stand

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Exhibition stands are commonly used at trade shows. These stands help you to display products in an effective manner. Moreover, they can be decorated appropriately to attract consumers and prospects. This is the reason why exhibitors opt for the use of exhibition stand graphics to improve the overall appearance of the stand.

Exhibition stand graphics can be described as an integral part of exhibition stand design. These graphics play a vital role in attracting consumers and increasing the footfall around the exhibition stand. However, many times amateur exhibitors, with less knowledge of exhibitions, tend to ignore this aspect. More visitors certainly means that the exhibitor has a higher chance of success when promoting products or services. Therefore, you should ensure that you employ eye-catching graphics to stand out from the crowd.

Following are some useful points exhibitors should keep in mind when using graphics:

Firstly, exhibitors should ensure that graphics not only attract consumers but also convey what the stall is about. Therefore, only those individuals who are actually interested in the product or service will approach the stand. The use of clear, legible text will help the prospects to understand more about the exhibition stall. Use of attractive colours and design will also ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Secondly, the graphics should be mounted in such a way that the prospects can view them clearly even from a distance.

Different reasons to buy pop-up display stands

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Pop-up display stands are the most popular stands amongst exhibitors as they offer several benefits. At present, you will find that pop-up stands are not only used in exhibition shows but they are used at fairs, presentations and retail shows. If you are planning to participate in an exhibition then make sure that you buy pop-up display stands for the purpose.

Here are various benefits offered by pop-up stands:

Easy to set up – This is one of the main reasons why most exhibitors are buying pop-up stands. As they are easy to install and dismantle, there is no need to hire more people for setting up. This way you can save a lot of time and money.

Portable in nature – Pop-up stands are lighter than other stands as their frames are made from wood or plastic. The panels can also be covered with graphics which will help you to advertise your business. You can easily transport these stands from one show to another, whenever required.

Available in different styles – One of the best things about pop-up stands is that they come in different designs, colours and shapes. So, you can select the one which suits you marketing strategy.

Before buying, you need to make sure that you buy high quality pop-up stands, as they reflect the image of your business.

Opt for banner display stands to successfully market your business

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

At present, banner display stands are very popular among businesses and organization for use at exhibition shows. This is because the stands are versatile and very easy to install and dismantle compared with some other types of display stands.

Banner display stands comprise of single booth displays, featuring a prominent graphic that helps to attract potential customers.

Factors to consider

If you are planning to buy banner display stands for your upcoming trade shows or exhibitions then you need to consider a few basic factors. First of all, you need to consider the size of the room where the event in question is being held. You should also consider the nature of the event and the type of audience it will attract. Armed with this knowledge you can select the banner stands and graphics you feel are appropriate.

Many banner stands are fully retractable, making them exceptionally portable and simple to assemble. This means that the display can be carried and set up by a single person. Design your stand to appeal and to inform. Mix attractive graphics with useful information to achieve the best results.

A good understanding of exhibition display stands will ensure that your venture is a success.

The importance of display stands at exhibition shows

Friday, March 19th, 2010

If you frequently take part in trade shows and exhibitions then you are probably aware that exhibition display stands play an important role in how the shows work for you. You will find various types of display stands designed to improve your marketing, including banner stands, modular stands and pop-up stands.

Banner display stands are simple stands which feature space to hang banners for advertising. They are also known for their excellent portability features, as they are light in weight and easily erected and dismantled. Modular display stands on the other hand are heavier, but capable of display more.

Pop-up display stands

Aside from the two previously mentioned stands, pop-up stands are also extremely popular. There are number of reasons for this.

• These display stands are light in weight which means that they can be easily transported from one place to another.

• Installing and dismantling pop up stands is also very easy and can be completed within few minutes.

• These display stands are also available in various sizes, so you can buy the one which suits your needs.

• They are flexible in design, so you can add eye-catching graphics to attract more custom.

Consider banner stands, modular stands and pop-up stands when preparing for your next trade show.