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Attention-grabbing exhibition stands

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Exhibitions stands are the central feature of a large number of marketing campaigns. You will hardly find any exhibition, trade show or shopping mall without amazing exhibition stands, and the creativity used by the manufacturers of these attractive and effective exhibition stands is seemingly endless. Exhibition stands are an effective marketing tool; one which will enable you to attract all different kinds of people who can help your company to achieve success.

Exhibition stands are available in many different varieties and forms, so there is a product available to suit the specific requirements of every company you could think of. Safety, which is a major concern, is taken care of by snap-to-lock poles and strong, sturdy hardware and materials.

If you are participating in an exhibition, you will want your display to stand out from the masses, just like the products or services offered by your company. Exhibition stands are an effective means of conveying your company’s message to the exhibition’s visitors, bringing out fruitful interaction between the seller and the buyer.

Another important feature of modular exhibition stands is the ease of transportation and the manoeuvrability of its components. The lightweight fabrics and materials used can easily be moved around from one location to another, across town or across the country.

Modular exhibition stands also allow you more flexibility. If you face the common problem of lack of space in your exhibition area, the solution is to stack modular exhibition stands on top of each other when required.

Use visually appealing banner stands to promote products and services

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

When it comes to promoting companies, trade shows are one of the best places to go to if you want to reach a large amount of potential customers. Although these events bring numerous competitors together under one roof, they also receive thousands of visitors every time. This means that companies are exposed to a thousand potential customers, which could subsequently result in a lot more business. However, getting this kind of business can greatly depend on how much of an impact the company makes on the visitor.

Banner stands: create an impact on potential customers
There are a number of ways in which companies can make an impact on visitors. One of the most effective ways is through the use of banner stands. These will not only help companies create an ideal appearance for themselves, but they can also create a suitable atmosphere for potential customers. Banner stands should be designed in a way that is visually appealing so that companies can gain the best level of success.

Many elements contribute to making banner stands visually appealing. For all those with little experience on banner stands, here are some tips that can help.

• Visually appealing banner stands should use bold and lively colours. These will attract potential customers to both the products and the company

• It is also important to include suitable images. By doing this, visitors will be attracted to the company, as well as being aware of exactly what’s on offer.

• Graphics play an important role in visually appealing banner stands.

Banner stands are a very cost-effective type of exhibition display. This makes them one of the most popular types for all companies.

Tips for buying roller banner stands

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Roller banner stands, also known as roll up or pull up banner stands, are a portable and cost effective display solution. They can be used in conference rooms, marketing events, promotions, industry-related seminars, training centres and even in shop displays.

Choose roller banner stands online
You can buy roller banner stands online. However, before you order, you need to keep a few factors such as quality and structure in mind. Here is a simple list that will help you to determine that you get a good deal when buying roller banner stands:

• Design - Design services are available in the UK. You can use the internet to find banner stand designers who specialise in exhibition displays, but make sure you have the art work and layout ready.

• Warranty - Ensure that you ask about the warranty terms before you buy. Very few companies offer warranties on such stands, and some will offer warranties only on the stand. They will not offer warranty on design. Watch out for these companies and buy a banner stand from one which offers a warranty on both graphics as well as the structure of the exhibition stand. Buying from such a seller will ensure that you have made a quality purchase.

• Print brokers- Do not go through print brokers as you will pay more this way. Instead, it is recommended that you choose a website or a company that works on exhibition stands full-time.

Pop-up stands play a vital role in exhibitions

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Pop-up stands are an integral part of exhibitions and trade shows. In fact, due to their superior features, they are incredible beneficial for modern exhibitors. Pop-up stands are a viable choice for both small scale and large scale entrepreneurs, and allow marketers of all kinds to display their wares in the most efficient manner.

Features of pop-up stands
Pop-up stands are selected over other stands because of their portable nature. They are therefore suitable for transport purposes and permanent exhibitions. Such stands are extremely affordable and cost-efficient, and also allow users to enhance the appearance of their exhibition with the inclusion of striking graphics and logos. Pop-up stands are a cost-effective option for those exhibitors who cannot afford expensive modular stands.

Different benefits of pop-up stands
Installing exhibition stands is usually an extremely time-consuming affair, and a number of people are required to help. Exhibitors therefore select pop-up stands as they are easy to assemble. The whole process takes less time compared to the other varieties, and can be accomplished by a single individual.

Pop-up stands are also durable in nature. In other words, they can last for several years, making them a perfect choice for ‘year round’ exhibitions. These stands are also extremely light in weight, unlike the other bulkier varieties of exhibition stands available.

These benefits explain the rising popularity of pop-up stands amongst marketers and exhibitors nowadays, so get yours today.

Banner display stands are known for their versatility and flexibility

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

In recent times, digital media and online retail has been gaining popularity but exhibition shows are also becoming popular. This is because it is the only way through which you can have face to face sales with customers. Banner display stands play a very important role in these trade or exhibition shows as they are very effective and affordable.

Banner display stands are very effective in promoting and advertising a company or its products and services. These stands are beneficial in many ways as they are portable and it is very easy to assemble them. It is very easy to install and dismantle banner stands and they also have a great impact on the customers.

Significance of banner display stands

These stands are appropriate for any type of exhibition. For example, you can take a banner stand to a hotel for a conference or you can also use them in retail shows to attract customers.

Moreover, you will also find a wide range of banner display stands such as: heavy duty stands, customised stands and outdoor marketing banner stands. There are also banner stands which are made for long term use. This includes single sided and double sided banner stands and portable banner display stands.

Banner display stands are gaining popularity amongst marketing and sales professionals. This is because of the nature of banner display stands which are flexible and versatile.

Things to consider with pop up stands

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Pop up stands are a favourite with many companies during exhibitions and trade shows. Below are a few things that you should consider regarding pop up stands.

Pop up stands – what can they offer you?

With pop up stands you can use your creativity in order to make it as interactive and informative as you like. Pop up stands are available in bespoke packages and can also be readymade. You can choose added units and compartments in order to display information and literature.

Prototype of a pop up stand

An average display stand measures is generally around 2.5 metres wide and 2.2 metres tall. This measure is suitable for most trade show purposes.

The maximum height

The maximum height of a pop up stand can be altered or you could use two pop up stands together to create a dominating unit that overshadows all other pop up stands.


The width of pop up stands is another feature that you can alter according to your needs. Since pop up stands are modular in design you can add or remove frames in order to suit your individual needs.

Choose a creative and interactive design if possible to ensure that your pop up stand makes an impact.

How to design and position your exhibition stands

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Before the start of an exhibition, you can advertise in newspapers regarding the venue and the stand number where you’re company will be. Listed below are a few things that you can do in order to design and position your exhibition stand effectively.

1) Visit the venue: Before the date of the exhibition, it is recommended that you visit the venue to determine the right spot for your exhibition stand. The assumption that a spot closer to the entrance is effective is not necessarily true. Visitors will first enter and may head for the centre of the exhibition before they start interacting.

2) Points of contact: Choose a stall that is close to a toilet or the canteen as more people are likely to gather near to these places and they will be sure to notice your stall.

3) Stand design: The design of your exhibition stand needs to have an element of interactivity. It is recommended that you choose a design that gives out sufficient information about your product. Use visual aids such videos and charts if necessary.

4) Height of the stand: The design of your exhibition stand can use height to its advantage, so make use of this and make it stand out.

Keep these tips on exhibition stands in mind for an effective campaign.

Simple and pertinent tips for exhibition displays

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

The most important considerations when planning exhibition displays are imagination and creativity. If you are going to have an exhibition display in the future and are confused, here are a few simple tips and suggestions that can help you with your exhibition displays.

  • Theme: The first and foremost consideration in an exhibition display is the theme. Do not choose to go for ad hoc ideas and communication that is inconsistent. This will add to the confusion of what your product or service stands for. Instead, choose a single, prominent theme that stands out to the very end.
  • Planning: This is the next important step in exhibition displays. You have to look into many things before the day of the exhibition.
    • The basic structure: Decide on how you want your exhibition stand to look. The shape, the size, the height and other important physical dimensions should be considered at this stage. Find out the exact specifications of the space allocated to you.
    • The walls: Ask the organisers at the venue if you can fix displays and hangings on the wall.
    • Power sockets: Ask the organiser if power sockets are available and, if so, find the exact number of power sockets available. Plan the number of power points accordingly. In case there is no availability of power, it is recommended that you carry an alternative source of power. For instance, carry spare batteries for laptops in case there is no power source available.
  • Manning the stand: It is very important to man the stand at all times. The personnel at the stand need to be smart, thoroughly informed and pleasant to talk to.

Keep these tips in mind and prepare your exhibition displays based on them.

Cost-effective ways to promote your company and products

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Exhibitions can be a stressful time for attending organisations. The main reasons for this are the high expenses of promoting the company and wondering how much of a target audience the company can reach. However, companies that use banner stands can be sure of cost-effective and simple ways to put across their message to the public.

Banner stands are attractive displays that help companies to be different from their rivals and promote the company and its products well. There are different types of banner stands available that can make promotion easy for companies.

Here are some great options when it comes to using banner stands for the company:

Retractable banners – These types of banner stands are affordable which makes it ideal for most companies. In addition to this, retractable banners are light so they can be transported easily and can be set up fast as well. They are ideal for creating an impressive and bold look. Retractable banners can definitely help companies get the attention they want.

Pop-up banners – These types of banner stands are the most widely used because of their versatile nature. Pop-up banners can be used outdoors and indoors and are easy to setup, transport and design. This type of banner stands are one of the most affordable and effective ways to grab the attention of customers.

Along with these two types of banner stands, there are also full banner stand walls, PVC banners and table top stands that can all also be effective for promoting companies, products and services.

Grow your customer base with impressive custom made exhibition stands

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Everyone will agree that image is vital for businesses when it comes to impressing people. And since companies need to impress the public to gather a large customer base, getting the right image for them is essential. An ideal image for a company can be established at exhibitions and trade show events. However, to do this, you need appropriate trade show and exhibition tools. One of the most effective tools for increasing customers is exhibition stands.

How can exhibition stands impress people?

When promoting your company or products at exhibitions and trade shows, the most important thing is that customers see your company and remember it. Exhibition stands can help to achieve this as they offer companies various options for designing the stands so that customers are attracted to them. Most companies prefer custom designed exhibition stands so that all their promotional needs are met.

What do custom designed exhibition stands include?

Custom designed exhibition stands include specific colours, images, graphics and text that will help promote the company, along with its products and services to the best possible ability. With custom designed exhibition stands it is also ideal to include the company name and logo in a manner that is suitable for creating a memorable image.

These stands are also available in different sizes to ensure that they meet specific company needs. If that is not enough, custom made exhibition stands are reasonably priced and this makes them even more ideal for companies to have.