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Three display stands for indoor exhibitions

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

The needs of indoor and outdoor exhibitions are different. The exhibition premises differ and so do the requirements of exhibitors. There are different types of display stands available in the market to suit varying needs of exhibitors. Here are three display stands for indoor exhibitions:

Banner stands

Space is the common problem with indoor exhibitions. The space available in premises is often not enough for bigger displays and stands. It becomes very difficult to fit the stands and other accessories in the given space. Banner stands are small in size and do not occupy much space. With these stands, the premises look spacious. It also allows you to add other required accessories to make it attractive.

Pop up stands

These stands come in various sizes. You can hence choose them depending on the space available. One can change the graphics of these stands without replacing them entirely.

Pop up stands are easy to set up as they use magnetic arms. If any problem persists while using these stands, it can be easily fixed.

Literature stands

Exhibitors cannot reasonably stand in the premises to distribute pamphlets and brochures. It is better to use a literature stand and arrange your booklets, pamphlets and brochures on it. The product looks presentable and gets noticed as well.

Banner stands – make your marketing easy

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Marketing is all about making a connection between your potential customers and the products and services that you offer. It takes different forms and a good marketing plan includes different approaches to reach their target audience.

We are surrounded with different types of marketing means including – radio, television, Internet and magazine ads, promotional brochures, billboards, leaflets and flyers, ads on taxis, buses and trains, etc. If you are looking for economical yet effective advertising means to promote your brand, banner stands and exhibition displays are the best available options.

Banner stands are also an effective means to get your message across your target audience. As their name suggests, banner stands are devices that hold posters or banners in position. They also make it easy to get maximum visibility through large format advertising.

Where can banner stands be used?

Banner stands are cost effective ways to create a professional presentation at events like press conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, special events and retail settings. They are easy and convenient to set up and use. Banner stands are also easy to dismantle and carry from one place to other.

Available in different sizes and types, you can easily purchase the one that well suits your requirements. Unlike other advertising means, promoting your brand using banner stands is quite affordable. If you are working on a low budget and want to advertise about your products and services in the best possible way, opting for banner stands is a wise decision.

Banner stands – Getting the right one for your business

Monday, October 11th, 2010

If you are in the trade show industry, then you must be aware that some advertising mediums work well against others. Banner stands are effective to create the right impact at the trade exhibition.

Banner stands

Banner stands differ widely in their prices. Some are expensive while some are affordable. Their prices are determined by their features. The more convenient the banner stands, the more expensive they are. If you are concerned about convenience in transportation and set up, then a retractable roll-up banner stand is an ideal option. It is quick to set up and gives complete protection to the banner.

Cheap banner stands

If you are looking for good quality cheap banner stands, then it is important that you deal with the right company. Always deal with a reputable company that has many satisfied clients. A reputable company will have years of experience in manufacturing banner stands. This way, you can not only be assured of good quality products but also of good customer service if there is any problem.

X and L stands

Some common types of cheap banner stands are X and L banner stands. Both can be equally appealing depending on how you use them at the exhibition. Some graphics work well with X banner stands while some work well with L banner stands.

Taking part in an exhibition show

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

If you want to increase your business sales then use some unique marketing and advertising strategies. Apart from internet and TV ads, exhibitions also play an important role in promoting business products. Once you have decided to participate in exhibition shows or trade fairs then buy high quality display stands. By placing your business products on these stands, you can grab the attention of the audience present at the show.

What types of exhibition stands are available today?

To fulfill various business requirements, different types of display stands are introduced in the market these days. This includes banner stands, modular and pop up stands. Out of these three options, banner and pop up stands are preferred by many exhibitors. This is because they are portable in nature and can be installed in no time. Both the display stands have enough space to hang eye-catching graphics to grab the attention of the passer-by.

Tips to have a successful exhibition show

Once you have bought display stands for the exhibition shows then ensure that the graphics are designed properly. It is recommended to include eye-catching logos and colours to have a great visual impact on the audience. You can also print marketing messages and offers on the banners. Ensure that the fonts used in the banners are easy to read.

Even the location of the stands plays an important role in an exhibition show. You have to ensure that the stands are placed at the eye level. You can also use lighting systems to stand out of the rest.

Three popular types of banner stands you can use

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

When you visit a trade exhibition, trade booths and banner stands catch your attention first. Banner stands are an excellent tool to maximise visibility at the exhibition. There are different types of banner stands available. All of them differ in their sizes. Some of them are mentioned below.

Roll-up banner stands

Roll-up banner stands are the best option if you are looking for highly portable banner stands. It is easy to roll the banner up and down and provides ease of installation. You need not have expert knowledge in setting up the stand. You can simply roll the stand out and attach it to the other end of the banner stand. Roll up banner stands are available in different sizes.

Table-top banner stands

Table-top banner stands are available at affordable rates. If you are a first time exhibitor, then these banner stands are ideal for you. Table-top banner stands come in different designs and patterns and are effective at encouraging curiosity about products. The height you choose will depend on many factors like portability and cost.

Tension pole banner stands

Tension pole banner stands look attractive as there is minimal hardware seen on the stand. This shifts the entire focus onto the graphics. The good thing about using tension pole banner stands is that they are less expensive than other banner stands. This makes them a practical option for many exhibitors.

What are the benefits of using banner stands?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Are you planning to use banner stands for promotional purposes? They are indeed a good choice considering the benefits which they offer. Here are some of the best benefits of using these stands:

Attend Multiple Exhibitions

You can attend more than one exhibition with banner stands. These stands are portable in nature and perfect for transportation purposes, so you can attend different exhibitions on the same day.

Easy to Set Up

Banner stands are also easy to set up. This can save the exhibitor’s time as well as money.


This is a major benefit of using banner stands, as it means that exhibitors can use the same stand for many exhibitions, which can bring down overall expenses. This is great for those who can’t afford to keep investing in expensive exhibition stands.


Banner stands are also very affordable, and even smaller firms can afford to purchase them. The minimal overhead costs add to the benefits of using these stands.


Banner stands are also very visually attractive, and can attract the attention of visitors towards your exhibition stand. The inclusion of attractive graphics, posters and banners can enhance this further.

Invest in banner stands and experience all of these superior benefits.

Tips on promoting your company using exhibition stands

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Companies utilise exhibition stands with the aim of boosting sales and enhancing profit. To attain this though, companies needs to attract more visitors to spread awareness amongst the potential customers.

Some common uses of exhibition stands include:—
• Promoting newly launched products
• Reinforcing existing relationships with customers and clients
• Reminding customers about the company and its products

To achieve these aims, you need to promote your participation in an exhibition. Here are few tips o doing this effectively:

Promoting before the exhibition

Market your participation as much as you can. The best way to do it is through different methods of advertising. Print advertising is a cost-effective way of letting people know about your exhibition stand. You can advertise in newspapers or print brochures, giving details about what your exhibition stand will be about.

If your company is well known in the market and you are simply participating to strengthen your existing bond with customers, then sending personal invitations is the best way to make them visit your display stand.

Promote your display stand at exhibition

The next step is to attract the visitors to your stand, therefore promoting it on the day of participation is also important. You can distribute pamphlets that direct visitors towards your exhibition stand – these pamphlets can include your display stand number and what visitors can expect.

Making the stand attractive by using lights and eye catching colours is also a great way to draw attention to your stand.

Follow these tips and successfully promote your exhibition attendance.

Banner stands – how are they effective advertising tools?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Exhibitions can help businesses to gain a new customer base by allowing attendees to try out newly launched products before purchasing them. Over time, businesses have started to realise the importance of exhibition stands. These companies use visual displays to attract the attention of potential customers.

Effective visual displays

Of the many kinds of visual displays available, banner stands have become extremely popular. This is mainly because they can fully meet advertising needs and are also very affordable. Banner stands are not limited to promoting products; they can be also be used to promote the various services offered by a company.

Banner stands are very flexible and can therefore be used in all kinds of settings. These stands are also ideal for grabbing the attention of the hundreds of visitors at trade shows. Many banner stands can be used indoors as well as outdoors, depending on the requirements of the business.

Banner stands are available in different designs and types. Some banner stands can be customised according to the needs of the company. Stands like pop up displays and roller banner stands are made from lightweight materials and are easy to transport. However, they are still made from high quality materials which make them durable enough for use more than once.

Choose the perfect banner stand and fulfil your advertising needs.

Banner stands – a low cost advertising means

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Banner stands are one promotional tool that you can use to effectively promote your brand. Advertising your products and services using banner stands is cost-effective compared to radio and television advertising. In fact, it has been observed that banner stands are the best display tools to use at places like exhibitions, trade shows, retail stores etc.

With the availability of banner stands in numerous sizes and shapes, you can choose one that suits your budget and needs. When participating in a trade show or exhibition, using banner stands you can easily attract customers to your trade show booth. You must design a banner stand keeping your target audience in mind.

Advertising your merchandise using banner stands is one of the simplest ways to get noticed by your target audience. Many people have found banner stands to be an effective advertising means.

Reasons to use banner stands

Anything that stands out has the ability to attract people. Similarly, if you convey your message in a different way using banner stands, you can surely catch the attention of people. As many different companies take part in trade shows and exhibitions, your banner display should be completely different from others.

Roller, telescopic, portable and retractable banner stands are some options you can choose from. With so many different types available, you can easily choose one that suits your needs. These banner stands are also easy to install, use and carry from one place to another. Due to all these advantages, using banner stands is the perfect solution for advertising your goods and services.

Need to know more about banner stands and pop up displays?

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Exhibition stands play a major role in the promotion of newly launched products of a company. These stands display the items in a professional and attractive way.

The most common types of banner stands are X banners, roller banners, retractable banners and portable banner stands.

Roller banner stands: Roller banner stands are easy to assemble. They are versatile and can even be displayed on an uneven surface. The light materials used for building roller banner stands allow the user to carry them from one exhibition to another with ease. The display of multiple items is also possible.

X banner stands: X banner stands consist of three legs along with a backing and can be set up rather quickly. They are made from a light material which makes transportation easier.

Retractable and portable banner stands: These banner stands are extremely light and portable. They are ideal for businesses that tend to hold more than one exhibition in a single day. Retractable and portable banner stands are cheaper compared to other banner stands.

Banner stands also come in various sizes. This helps in deciding the number of banners to be put up in a certain area. With a large stand, 4-5 smaller banners can be used to create more of an impact.

Pop up display stands – a great way to get your message across

Investing in pop up display stands is ideal as they are cheap and attractive. An advantage of pop up banners is that their height and weight can be altered to suit the needs of the exhibition. A high quality pop up stand will also offer you the space to keep brochures and pamphlets.