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Make Your Promotions More Dynamic with Pop Up Banner Stands

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

A pop up banner is a robust, portable and most affordable option for promotion that is used by a large number of organizations across the globe. Pop up stands are amazing means of bringing wonder to your corporate promotions. Their flexibility makes it easy to update them with different accessories for displaying them at different places.

Pop UP Banner Stands – Popular Means of Promotion

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Pop up exhibition stands are generally consists of a lightweight frame which expands up to create frame and then holds the graphic or fabric panels in place. Pop up banner stands can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. These displays are easy to set up, handle and transport from one place to another. Graphic pop up stand, modular pop up stand and fabric pop up stand are some of the common pop up stands.

Growing popularity of popup stands in exhibitions

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It’s a very recent trend that most organisations and companies are regularly using pop up stands in exhibitions. This tremendous growth in use of popup exhibition stands has made them very important advertising and marketing tool. Availability of these exhibition display stands in various shapes, size and design has also contributed a lot to their growing popularity.

Pop up stands – Excellent for various exhibition shows

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Are you taking part in an upcoming trade show? Do you want to attract the attention of the potential customers present at the show? If yes, then you need to buy the latest pop up stands because they are known for being excellent promotional tools. With the help of pop up stands, you can easily display your business goods to your target audience.

Why should you buy pop up display stands?

Due to increasing business competition, many traders are buying pop up displays to market their brand. These stands are designed in such a manner that they offer enough space for their users to display their messages. They are also known for being portable which means you can use them at more than one event.

Where can pop up stands be used?

The best thing about pop up stands is that they can be used at various events and places such as meetings, conferences, reception areas, retail stores and exhibitions. In some situations, these stands can also be used at road shows.

What types of pop up stands are available today?

To fulfil different needs, two different types of pop up stands have been introduced by the manufacturers. These include fabric pop up stands and graphic pop up stands. Graphic stands are made using an expanding frame which holds the banner to attract the attention of the customer. Fabric stands are made from Velcro-based display panels which provide a bigger area to display your wares.

If you have decided to buy a pop up stand for your next show, you must consider the nature of the show and the size of the show.

Why you should use pop up stands

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Selecting an exhibition stand out of so many available options can be a difficult task. If you are looking for elegant and durable exhibition stands then a pop up stand is the perfect choice for you. Given are some reasons why you should prefer pop up stands over other types of stands.

Visually appealing

Unlike crude exhibition stands, pop up stands are visually attractive in nature. You can also enhance the appearance of these stands with the use of attractive colours and graphics. Similarly, you can incorporate modern audio-visual equipment along with the stand to enthral the audience.

Easy to set up

These stands are also quite easy to assemble. The entire assembly procedure takes around ten minutes. Even a single employee can set up this stand on his or her own. This eventually saves on labour costs.

Easy to carry

Unlike other varieties of exhibition stands, pop up stands can be carried quite easily. They are relatively light in weight and this makes them a perfect choice when attending multiple exhibitions within a single day. It also makes these stands very portable.


Pop up stands are also affordable, which makes them popular with smaller enterprises. However, quality is not sacrificed for affordability. These stands are just as durable as their counterparts.

Pop up stands – why you should choose them over other types of stands

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Today, many business owners are participating in exhibition shows because they allow them to increase sales and promote the brand. If you are searching for new ways to increase your customer base then exhibitions are perfect for you. This is because nowadays many potential customers visit exhibitions to find out more about products and services.

If you have decided to take part in an exhibition then ensure that you are using appropriate display stands. At present, many exhibitors prefer pop up stands because they offer great benefits such as:

Simple to install and dismantle

Pop up stands are made from expandable systems which allow users to install and dismantle them within next to no time at all. This means that there is no need to hire people to install these stands. This way, you can easily save money and time.


Due to different needs, pop up stands are now available in different sizes, heights, colours, shapes and styles. So, you can choose one which best suits your requirements.


As pop up stands are commonly made from aluminium, vinyl and plastic, they are very lightweight. This allows you to transport the stands easily from one place to another.

Additional accessories

The latest pop up stands allow you to attach extra panels, shelves, graphics, banners and lights to grab attention.

Creating the right impression with pop up stands

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Pop up stands are a great exhibition accessory as they not only look attractive but are also effective in creating the right impression with the trade show audience.

Pop up stands

If you want to benefit the most from participating in trade exhibitions, you need to make optimal use of pop up stands. Pop up stands come with a lot of add-on features that will enhance the overall appeal of your trade booth.

Innovative ideas

You do not necessarily have a huge budget to create the desired impact on trade visitors. If you can come up with creative concepts to utilise your pop up stands, then you can achieve most of your objectives without financially burdening yourself.

Right graphics

You can ask your creative agency to produce some unique designs and graphics. All this can go a long way towards increasing your profits. The graphics that you put on display on your pop up stands speak volumes about your company. You can also team up the graphics with attractive messages and slogans and also a theme that resonates with your business.

Right marketing

For your trade show participation to be a success, the desired target audience should visit your trade booth. Days before the exhibition, you should send mailers to existing as well as potential customers providing the details of your exhibition. You can also announce special gifts for the first people who confirm their attendance at the exhibition.

Train staff

For your pop up stands to be successful, ensure that your sales staff know how to operate them.

Pop up stands – Utilising them effectively

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Pop up stands are used at different trade exhibitions for effective marketing. If you plan to participate in different trade shows at various locations, then utilising pop up stands is the best option. Pop up stands are effective to impart the intended message to the target audience.

Design of pop up stands

Pop up stands are portable with a material attached over them. This material is painted or designed attractively and this enhances the look of pop up stands. Some exhibitors prefer the material to be painted instead of fabric or laminated graphics. Though both materials can be effectively used, using printed graphics gives a professional appearance to the stand. Pop up stands can also be used in conjunction with other stands like pop up displays and banner stands.

Measuring units

Pop up stands are constructed and measured in a different system to other exhibition stands. The unit of measurement is called quads. Most pop up stands are three quads tall and three to five quads wide. All pop up stands are grouped into sections depending on the quads. When assembled, they look like a boxed framework. The best thing about pop up stands is that they can be customised to any extent. The boxed framework can be moved or reorganised to create a display of different sizes and shapes.

Straight or curved stands?

Pop up stands come in pre-determined shapes. They come as straight or curved pop up stands. The place where the trade booth will be set will determine which pop up stands should be selected. For an open space, both stands work well but in wall corners, curved pop up stands look aesthetically pleasing and also help to save lot of space.

Four great benefits offered by pop up stands

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Trade fairs and exhibitions play an important role in the business world because they allow exhibitors to increase their sales. If you are planning to launch new products to the market then you should take part in an upcoming exhibition show. Today, various types of display stands have been introduced to the market. These include:

• Banner stands
• Modular stands
• Pop up stands

Out of the above mentioned display stands, pop up display stands are preferred by many exhibitors all around the world. Here is a list of benefits offered by pop up stands:

Light in weight – As pop up stands are made from light materials such as aluminum, fabric, plastic and vinyl, they can be easily carried from one place to another. Due to this feature, you can attend more than one event on the same day.

Simple to install – All the latest pop up stands are made from advanced expandable systems which allow the users to install these stands within a few minutes. This system also helps the exhibitors to dismantle the stands.

Offers versatility –
To fulfill various business requirements, different types of pop up stands are available in the market. The best thing about pop up stands is that you can put them together in different configurations according to the event and business needs.

Additional accessories – Unlike other display stands, pop up stands offer various accessories such as shelves, panels and lights. You can also hang banners to grab the attention of the audience and increase sales.

Top five reasons to choose pop up stands

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

In the past, exhibitors used traditional stands to advertise their products in the marketplace but now the latest exhibition stands have been introduced. One of these such stands is known as a pop up stand. Today, many business owners prefer buying pop up stands for their events because they offer great benefits such as:

Versatility – To satisfy various needs, different types of pop up stands have been introduced to the market. Pop up stands are available in different sizes and shapes. These stands also have space to hang banners and graphics. These bright-looking graphics attract people who are present at the show.

Simple to assemble – Unlike other exhibition stands, pop up stands are made from expandable systems. These allow the user to set up the stand easily within a couple of minutes. This way, you can save a lot of money and time.

Lightweight – The best thing about pop display stands is that they are made from materials such as plastic and aluminium. This feature allows you to move your stands from one event or show to another, whenever you want. So, now you can attend various shows at any point in the year.

Affordable – Compared to display stands, pop up stands are available at cheap or reasonable rates. Thus, you can increase sales and brand awareness in the market at a very low price.

Used at different places – As pop up stands are available in different sizes and types, they can be used at many different places. This may include presentation areas, seasonal fairs, conference rooms, exhibitions and road shows.