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Advantages of choosing the Perfect display banner stand

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Display banner stands are one of the most popular promotional tools used in the market. But utmost care should be taken while choosing them. A carefully selected display banner stand benefits its owner in a best possible way. But many a times its opposite effect is also seen. That’s why while selecting any display stands uk its build quality, shape, and size should be properly taken care of.

The Restaurant Show 2010 – The industry together in one place

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Any individual interested in the business of catering and planning to have his/her own restaurant should visit ‘The Restaurant Show 2010’. This show will be held at Earls Court in London from 11th to 13th October 2010.

What can visitors expect from this exhibition?

Visitors will be able to explore over 350 major suppliers of the industry. You will get to learn about and buy various things like:

• Food – Every kind of food will be exhibited over here – from fresh to frozen food.
• Drinks – From cold drinks to hot beverages
• Equipment – All the equipment you need for your restaurant can be found here.
• Interiors – You can find all the things you need for your interiors – from tables to floor coverings.

The quality of the exhibition and the exhibited products is going to be great as some of the reputable exhibitors on the scene, including ABUK, BigHospitality, Mission IS and Pick Info, are participating.

The Restaurant Show 2010 will add excitement with its live events. These will include demonstrations from some of the UK’s top chefs. This will help you learn new ideas and from restaurant managers and may help you make changes in your business accordingly to improve the fortunes of your business.