About Us

Thank you for taking the time to peruse our website - We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Once you have spent some time looking around why not visit our exhibition stand showroom and print works in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, in the UK.

The Plus Group was established in 1981 trading in exhibition, wide format, digital print, photography, design and portable display equipment. Over the last thirty plus years, we have grown and have become the leading company in our field within the UK. It is said that to copy is a form of flattery, many have tried but none com even close.

Many claim to offer equal or even better products and services to ours and try to claim the same status as us in our market. But as hard as they try, we always stay ahead of the market attributing our success to just one ultimate factor- you! First and most importantly we focus on your requirements – not ours. You will never hear - here is a fantastic product and this is why you should use it! It has to be about your needs and what you are aiming to achieve. Occasionally although a rare occurrence we will even say we can’t help if that is the case. We would rather be honest than supply an exhibition stand that won’t fit the bill 100%.

Over the years naturally we invest continuously in the latest production equipment - we must to stay competitive, so we can gain your business. We also buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Our unique selling point is listening to you, defining your goals and supplying the correct solution and advice based on over 30 years experience. Our sole aim is to make you happy ensuring you come back again and again and again. Our growth over the years has depended on this and has been a successful strategy. It’s a win win situation

If you have never used us before the look no further – we guarantee once used you will return again and again and go nowhere else.

To reassure you we large format print and assemble everything in our print works here in Stoke on Trent the centre of the country which allows us to service the whole of the UK.

You also need to be aware that most a good majority of companies with similar looking products with fancy, glitzy web sites masquerading as printers are nothing more than box shifters who sub contract most often to far eastern or Indian suppliers! It stands to reason that these companies have no control over the production quality or delivery times. Over 17% of our business is classed as an urgent order helping out businesses who have been let down or worse something has gone wrong with artwork and cant be reworked or reprinted because there is no time to have the exhibition stand reprinted or reshipped to the UK.
Holding large stocks in our warehouse allows us to ship same day if required..

Very quick print and delivery times. As all production is carried out in house and as exhibition stands are always in stock we provide one of the fastest turnarounds as standard. We can even offer a same day turn around for a small express print charge.
Our marketing expertise built up over the years allows us to give best impartial advice to ensure our long lasting, profitable relationships with you our clients. It’s never been or will it be our desire to simply sell you an exhibition stand, then 'cut and run'. Providing a comprehensive second to none service experienced from first contact with us to delivering the finished banner stand or pop up stand. Just try telephoning us if it rings more than four times we will give you a £25 M and S voucher! That’s how confident we are.

We also give free exhibition stand, pop up stand and banner stand and marketing advice – even if you choose not to buy from us!

Personalised service – you will be allocated a dedicated named sales account manager who you can talk to at any time at your discretionduring office hours.
If you are supplying your own artwork we will check free of charge avoiding costly mistakes!

If we say it will be there on Tuesday, worry not it will be – absolutely no excuses. We will keep you informed all the way.

Only top quality products and material used. No short cuts here! So sorry because of this very important fact we do not do budget stuff priced at cheap levels but only offer genuine discounts on quality product.

The best absolutely no quibble guarantees in the industry.
We could go on but this would be so boring which we are definitely not! A phone call will only cost you a couple of pence and save you so much time and hassle not to mention money – go on call us 01782 264110!