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Display Stands - Maximising Their Potential

Display stands are the perfect tool for shouting to a captive audience about who you are and what you do - but they're only as good as the thought and creativity you put into them.

Display stands offer companies the opportunity to set perceptions amongst their target audience. Like it or not, judging a book by its cover is an ingrained trait of the human psyche, and for businesses that means people will judge them on the initial impression they create.  While it's certainly true that perceptions can be changed and that people can be 'won over' further down the line, setting the right tone from the word go can give companies a head start, saving them the valuable time and resources involved with making up for the missed opportunity of a first impression that failed to push the right buttons.

Picking the right display stands

Your choice of display stand needs to be made in the context of where it'll be used. One or two small banner display stands might be perfect for shopfloor demonstrations or small-scale exhibitions, but will fail to grab attention at an expo or large-scale exhibition where all around you are using larger modular or pop-up display units. Likewise, a large modular display stand will look out of place in a confined area, and will lose impact if it can't be assembled properly due to space restraints. Properly researching the size of the area you'll be exhibiting in will pay dividends when deciding on which type of display stands to use. If the area is too small or too big to accommodate the type of display stand you want to use, speak to the event organiser about options for up-scaling or downsizing your space allocation. The fitness for purpose of your exhibition stand is key to creating an effective display.

Get the design right

Although an essential component of effective exhibiting, choosing the right type of display stand is only one battle one. To win the whole war, you need to create a design that grabs attention while also being faithful to your corporate image. Striking colours and vivid designs are techniques that designers use to catch the eye, but these methods need to be tempered with an understanding of your company's image and values if they're to be used to best effect. So whereas neon colour schemes and bold, off-the-wall designs might draw in curious visitors, they're not likely to sit well if you sell funeral services. That said, the design of your display stand does give you licence to try something a little different, and simply using your corporate colours and logo could be a wasted opportunity, coming across as uninventive or drab to passers-by. Images look great when printed in large format, so consider commissioning a professional photographer to take a series of shots relevant to your business and then pass them to your designer to create a range of design options for you to choose from. Nothing sets the tone like strong imagery.

Innovative display stands from The Plus Group

At The Plus Group, we offer a wide range of display and exhibition stands suitable for small-scale demonstrations right the way up to full-on expos.  For information on our entire range of exhibition stands and other visual display products and accessories, go to our homepage. Alternatively, if you want to talk about your specific display stand requirements, talk to our team on 01782 264 110.

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