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Banner stands- Versatile, Functional Portable

Banner stands offer unrivalled flexibility for trade show exhibitors and product demonstrators alike, as well as providing the perfect  visual medium for targeting passing trade.

A key link in the marketing chain is face-to-face contact with customers. Trade shows and exhibitions offer companies the opportunity to pitch their products and services directly at the people that matter, but with competition for custom being tighter than ever, making a bang is essential. Banner stands can give you the edge.

Banner stands - flexibility

With a range of different sizes and styles to choose from, and the option to incorporate several modules into one display, banner stands really do offer exhibitors a truly flexible display solution. One of the main benefits of banner stands is their compact, lightweight construction, which enables them to be easily carried around and set-up by one person. And thanks to the interchangeable graphic feature on many models, banner stands offer the versatility to be used across a wide range of different events and scenarios, with the graphic popping out at the flick of a button. 

The power of imagery

Banner stands give you the opportunity to shout about the quality of your products and services in full colour glory. By combining strong imagery, bold colours, and eye-catching design with your corporate logo, you can portray an instantly impactful impression on potential customers, while at the same time directly overshadowing your competitors. Coupled with lighting and audio-visual equipment, banner stands create a powerful, attention-grabbing medium for setting perceptions and luring in potential customers.

Banner stands - beyond the exhibition hall

One other major advantage of banner stands over larger format display stands is their size, which enables them to be used in a range of different settings both away from the office and in it. For boardroom presentations and new business pitches, banner stands can be set up alongside an screen-based presentation to reinforce core points and corporate messages, and out on the road banner stands can be set up pretty much anywhere, enabling reps and sales staff to literally 'set up shop' in places as diverse as shops, car parks, or on the street.

Looking for banner stands? Talk to The Plus Group

At The Plus Group, we offer a range of banner stands to meet any requirement. From compact telescopic lone-standing units, to multi-display composite stands - we can help you create a bespoke display tailored to your specific requirements.  For further information on our full range of exhibition stands and other visual display products and accessories, go to our homepage. Alternatively, if you want to talk to someone about your specific requirements, call our team on 01782 264 110.

The Plus Group - helping you create business.

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