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5 X 2 Shell Cladding Exhibition Stands

For Exhibition Venues with a Shell Scheme in place this is the the ideal product for you. Make a back wall or 3 walls, make amazing graphic displays, without taking up more valuable floor space.

5 X 2 Shell Cladding Exhibition Stands

5 X 2 Shell Cladding Exhibition Stands

Shell Clad

The perfect way to customise your Shell Clad Exhibition Scheme

Be seen by everyone! Turn your exhibition stand into an eye catching Graphic Wall.

See below for more details.

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Price: 1,299.00 +VAT
Our Price: 1,045.00 + VAT
You Save: 254.00 (20%)
Graphic Storage Drum (up to 8 panels)65.00

5 x 2 shell clad exhibition stand 5 x 2 shell clad exhibition stand 5 x 2 shell clad exhibition stand

5 X 2 Shell Cladding Exhibition Stands

Unlike the usual pop ups and modular stands the shell clad system does not use up any of your precious floor space and all of the fixings are very compact, and simply slot into the existing Shell Scheme Upright Aluminium posts. This Means that transporting the graphics and fixings is extremely easy as they are not heavy or large in size.

There are many different types of Shell Scheme used at exhibitions, be sure to find out which one you have before purchasing your Shell Clad Scheme so that the fixings are the right ones. You can do this by simply ringing the event organiser and they will tell you which shell scheme they use. See below for details of which fixing fits the different shell schemes.

COMPARABILITY (BLACK) Burkhardt Leitner, Crea8, Maima M1000, Maxima, Meroform, Normex, Octanorm, Pion (no locking facility), Quad 4, R8, Syma 408 and all Octanorm derivatives.

COMPARABILITY (BLUE) Agem, Aluset, Click (with adaptor, call for details), Ford+Barley, Linx, Modul, Nimlok, Nomadic Design Line, Sodem, Syma Molto 30/90 and Unibox.

When you place your Shell Scheme order with us we can send you all the artwork details (sizes etc.) for the size you ordered, or our in house design team will be more than happy to do this for you! Call us for a free artwork quote - 01782 264110

All graphics for the Shell Clad Exhibition Scheme are printed onto a 290mu stoplight material, with a scratch resistant laminate. After years of testing various materials we feel this material suits the job perfectly, and the print quality is second to none.

If you need some help deciding which is the best Shell Clad Shell Scheme for you call us on 01782 264110 and we will be happy to help

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